Report Last Updated - 1/08 (Winter)
Real Name - n/a
Birthdate - n/a
5'6" 150 lbs. - ???, Japan

Aliases - none

Athletic background - n/a

Teachers - TAKA Michinoku [Kaientai Dojo]

Professional background - K-Dojo(`01-), WEW(`02), All Japan(`05), Dragon Gate(`05), ZERO1-MAX(`05), Apache(`05), BJW(`05)

Groups - Pal Punte, Kashiwa-gumi, RO&D, Gekirin

Career Highlights - n/a

Finisher(s) -
- High Fly Bomb (Springboard Swanton)
- Sue~No (Double-Arm Triangle)
- Thanatos (Stepover Armbar Sideroll Cradle)
- God Trap (High-Speed Front Cradle)
- Diable Jump (Air Raid Crash)
- 089 (???)

Favorites -
- Leg Entangled DDT
- Rana
- Tope Con Hilo
- PSYCHO Special Lunch Set (Three cradles in succession)
- Spinning Front Kick

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 7
science - 3
aerial - 5
power - 5
strikes - 6

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 6
selling - 6
bumping - 6
heat - 6
carrying - 5
push - 7
potential - 7

Outlook - One of Kaientai Dojo's most distinct talents is the lucha-influenced PSYCHO. His in-ring style is very interesting with a lot of highflying moves and unique cradles, appropriate to technicos in lucha libre. His persona though is more like a rudo as a deranged looking wrestler with trashy clothes, bizarre hair and his maniacal mannerisms. In K-Dojo, he has spent time on both sides and is capable in both roles. PSYCHO is the type of wrestler that thrives in K-Dojo and is able to achieve some undercard success in other companies. He is quite small however, so his options are limited in terms of larger companies. PSYCHO's strength is his one-of-kind character matched with his fun style because either in isolation with his size might make him just an opening match act. Expect him to be a constant in K-Dojo, unless a break with another company comes up that lures him away as has happened with numerous peers of his. PSYCHO could certainly find a home in another company and perhaps grow as a wrestler, but K-Dojo provides a comfortable setting for him.

Spin Wheel Kick2, Running Twisting Senton2, Elbow, Rana3, Axe Kick2, Deja Vu Head Scissors, Double Chop, Dropkick3, Headbutt, Turn. Smash, Counter SWK, Springing Solebutt in Corner2, Corner Dropkick, Flipping Stunner, Spinning Front Kick3, Scissor Kick, Tope Con Hilo3, Leg Entangled DDT 2, Dropkick (opp. in ropes), Jumping Spinning DDT, Hammerlock Frontroll Cradle, Hammerlocked Small Package, Swinging Complete Shot,