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Real Name - Shinobu Sugawara
Birthdate - 4/3/80
5'7" 163 lbs. - Miyagi, Japan

Aliases - Magnum KYOTO, Super Shenron

Athletic background - n/a

Teachers - n/a

Professional background - Indies(`04-), 666, BJW(`05-), Dragon Gate(`06-), WMF(`07)

Groups - MEN's Club, New Hazard

Career Highlights - n/a

Finisher(s) -
- S.E.X. (Lariat)
- Shooting Star Press
x Ryusei (Shooting Star Press)

Favorites -
- Sex (Axe) Bomber
- Michhinoku Driver
- Asai Moonsault
- Rana
- Rebound Dropkick

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 6
science - 1
aerial - 5
power - 5
strikes - 6

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 6
selling - 5
bumping - 6
heat - 4
carrying - 5
push - 5
potential - 6

Outlook - Shinobu Sugawara is a respectable indy wrestler in Japan who is very good highflyer with a propensity for playing colorful characters. His characters have always had a sexualized dimension to them from his Magnum KYOTO character in hs early days to his current Shinobu persona. After spending time on the indies, Shinobu began catching some breaks. In Onryo's 666 promotion, he showed to be a very funny entertainer. In Big Japan, he showed his ability as a worker. In Dragon Gate, he showed his ablities without his Shinobu character as Super Shenron. The results were all positive and Shinobu is looking to take his game to another level in the next couple years. He is an established worker in both BJW and Dragon Gate, but may only be able to elevate himself in one. His unwillingness to do death matches for Big Japan will keep him in the undercards there, but he is only an outsider in a young wrestlers' stable in DG. Shinobu has some true potential and hopefully one of those companies will realize it and give him the push, the opponents and the room to develop further.

Rana2, Slap4, Asai Moonsault4, SWK, Super Frankensteiner2, Flying Dropkick2, Counter Rana, Armdrag, Solebutt, Overhead Forearm, Sex Bomber (Axe Bomber)4, Brainbuster, Shooting Star Press3*, MDriver3, Elbow, Missile Dropkick, Slingshot Elbowdrop, Rebound Dropkick3, Sunset Flip, Bodyslam, Dragon Screw, Shenron - Chop (opp. running), Chop, Toe Kick, Solebutt, MDriver, Rev. Enzugiri, Crossarm Exploder, 1