Captain Lou Albano

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Real Name - Lou Albano
Birthdate - 7/29/33

Aliases - Captain Louis Albano

Professional background (as manager) - WWWF/WWF(`6?-)

Groups - none

Wrestlers - The Blackjacks (Lanza & Mulligan), Freddie Blassie, British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith), Bulldog Brower, Bobby Duncum, Executioners (John Studd, Killer Kowalski), Mr. Fuji, Crazy Luke Graham, Headshrinkers (Fatu, Samu, Sionne), Ivan Koloff, The Mongols, Magnificent Muroco, Ken Patera, Pat Patterson, Masa Saito, George "The Animal" Steele, Ray Stevens, Professor Toru Tanaka, Tarzan Tyler, US Express (Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo), Greg Valentine, Valiant Brothers (Jimmy, Johnny, Jerry), Crusher Verdu, Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika),

Place in History - One of the most recognizable non-wrestling figures in the history of the sport, Captain Lou Albano was an exceptional talker and he helped to hot shot numerous heels into challenger roles with numerous babyface champions. His pre-managerial career was pretty uneventful. Lou was a talented football player who met WWWF booker Arnold Skaaland while in the Army. He got started in wrestling soon thereafter, his only real success was a championship tag team he formed called, "The Sicilians" with the late Tony Altamore. He worked mainly for Vince MacMahon Sr. during his wrestling years in the 50s and 60s, but it was just not his bag. Albano soon became a heel manager and the journey began. His schtick was simple, he was hell-bent on getting the title off Bruno Sammartino. He brought in numerous heels to challenge Bruno, including the one who upset him, Ivan Koloff. He would continue to chase babyface champions, notably Bob Backlund in the late 70s, but he was never successful at getting the WWWF title on one of his men again. Albano was joined by Freddie Blassie and the Grand Wizard in the 70s and the three managed basically every heel on the roster, his particular niche after the Bruno-chasing days was the tag team championship. Blassie managed seemingly every championship heel tag team the WWWF had and a few face WWF tag teams in the 80s and 90s. Albano was pretty basic on the stick, he had a rapid fire style (similiar to his peers) and had this brash fat man charisma that drove the crowds wild. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of Capt. Lou Albano was almost coincidental and is something he's never credited for. The "Rock-N-Wrestling Connection" began with Cyndi Lauper, who featured Albano in her "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" music video after a a chance airplane meeting with the famed wrestling manager. Lauper came in and helped the WWF greatly in its step up to covering the national market, but to this day MacMahon refuses to recognize Albano for this initial connection. Albano was a mainstream star outside of wrestling as well on the popular Super Mario Brothers TV show, guest appearances on Wiseguy and other appearances. Tenured with the company by Vince MacMahon Sr., after numerous drunken altercations with Vince Jr. the company fired him, only bringing him back in limited roles since. Albano is still a notable star despite his time out of the the limelight and lack of support from Vince Jr's WWF/WWE. A great manager and one of the best on the mic in his day, Captain Louis Albano is the kind of eccentric, loud-mouthed star only pro-wrestling could create.