Farmer Burns


Real Name - Martin Burns
Lifespan - 2/15/1861 - 2/9/1937
165 lbs. - Cedar County, IA
Athletic background - n/a
Peak Years - 1890s-1900s

Place in History - One of the most well-known early pro wrestlers, Martin "Farmer" Burns' legacy is a combination of reality and myth and one would be hard-pressed to separate the two. Undoubtedly a remarkable physical specimen who was able to hang with larger champions because of his great skill and unparalleled conditioning. Burns' deep breathing exercises remain a phenomenon among the amateur wrestler and martial arts worlds to this day. His book, Wrestling and Physical Culture, became notable trailblazer in the field of strength-training (in fact Lou Thesz owned all of them as a boy). After his days in the sun, Burns become one of the best trainers around, helping the likes of: Toots Mondt, Jack Taylor, Earl Caddock and most notably Frank Gotch. One of the greatest hookers who ever lived and a hero of both professional and amateur wrestling. In fact, he was the first great wrestler to come out of Iowa, the wrestling capital of the world.