Carlos Colon

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Real Name - Carlitos Colon
Birthdate - 7/18/45
5'9" 200 lbs. - San Juan, PR

Aliases - Chief White Feather

Athletic background - n/a

Teachers - n/a

Professional background - Puerto Rico(`65-), WWC(`73-), NWA(`84-`8?)

Groups - none

Peak Years - `73-`85

Career Highlights - n/a

Finisher(s) -
- Figure-Four Leglock

Favorites -
- Bodyslam
- Kneebreaker
- Low Blow
- Jumping Head
- Punch

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 5
science - 3
aerial - 1
power - 5
strikes - 4

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 7
selling - 5
bumping - 4
carrying - 4
heat - 10
legacy - 6

Place in History - The most popular star ever in the Carribean, Carlos Colon worked the crowd like an old-fashioned promoter/wrestler. Few are like Colon. He became a giant star on his home island of Puerto Rico, drawing crowds of 25,000+ in his prime. He's been involved in the commonwealth's biggest feuds, matches, etc. However he could not draw on the mainland. Though Jim Crockett wanted him to be their ticket into the Northeast (sort of a modern version of the WWWF's wildly popular Pedro Morales), it never worked out. Colon was established on the island though beating all the foreign monsters that came in and looking like a poorman's Jerry Lawler while doing it. His company, the World Wrestling Council, has been involved in some dark days, but business is typically very good. While still semi-active in his late 50s, Colon has passed his legacy on to his sons Carly and Eddie, his daughter Stacy is involved regularly as well. Puerto Rico is a bloody territory, where the heat can grow dangerous and Colon has been able to use his willingness to bleed and charisma to become the most celebrated wrestler never to get off the island.