Jim Cornette

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Real Name - James Cornette
Birthdate - ?/?/56

Aliases - James E. Cornette

Professional background - Memphis(`7?-`83), Georgia(`80,`82) Mid-South(`84), WCCW(`84-`85) NWA/JCP(`86-`89), WCW(`90), SMW(`92-`95), WWF(`93-`98), OVW(`97-)

Groups - Cornette's Army, FITE (Federation of International Thugs and Eliminators), Cornette's Criminals, National Wrestling Alliance, Camp Cornette

Wrestlers - Bruiser Bedlam, British Bulldog, Chris Hamrick, Harris Brothers, Owen Hart, Heavenly Bodies (Tom Pritchard & Jimmy Del Ray), Jeff Jarrett, Killer Kyle, Buddy Landell, Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey, Stan Lane), New Midnight Express (Bombastic Bob & Bodacious Bart), Rock-N-Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson), Dan Severn, Al Snow, Taz, Unabomb, Vader, Chris Walker, Barry Windham, Yokozuna

Place in History - Jim Cornette broke into wrestling in Louisville, involved in the Memphis territory in the company's glory days in the 70s. As a teen, Cornette started by taking pictures and eventually was doing everything from writing programs to selling merchandise before he finally became a manager. Behind Jimmy Hart, Cornette was just waiting for the opportunity. He got it from Bill Watts in 1984, when Nick Gulas allowed Watts to pull some of his talent down to Mid-South. Watts saw something in the green manager and it was in Mid-South and paired him with Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey and the Midnight Express was born. Cornette's gimmick as a rich mama's boy got over great and the trio became wildly successfully. For the bulk of the decade, the Midnights were the most consistant tag team and had numerous great matches with the Rock-N-Roll Express, Fantastics among others. After that Cornette tried his hand at promoting "Smoky Mountain Wrestling" in Tennessee and Kentucky. The group was a pretty successful indy that helped establish some up-and-comers, kept around some of the greats and kept some other temporarily employed. Meanwhile, Cornette established himself in the WWF, continuing his character and now rubbing elbows in the main programs. Cornette's vision of wrestling quickly saw him out of favor with various WWF big wigs. However, they opened up a new door rather than locking Corny out in the cold. Cornette was hooked up with Danny Davis and Ohio Valley Wrestling and the WWF's premier developmental territory was born. Emphasizing old school psychology, basic moves and straightforward gimmicks and angles, OVW is a consistantly good product. Cornette is able to get the greenest workers pretty well ready for the big time and while they aren't always used as well once there he does his job very well. Amongst the funniest and smartest men in wrestling, Jim Cornette is one of the most valuable assests to wrestling from his humble beginnings to his days as a great manager and most recently his years as a promoter and booker.