Charlie Cutler


Real Name - Charles Cutler
Lifespan - n/a
240 lbs. - Chicago, IL
Aliases - Kid Cutler
Athletic background - Boxing
Peak Years - 1910s

Place in History - Charlie Cutler was a 200-pound boxer who transitioned into the pro wrestling game and became an accomplished heavyweight who mixed it up with the best wrestlers of the day. He got his start on a boxing troupe under the famed John L. Sullivan. Cutler was a capable pugilist who took on local toughs. Cutler was a powerhouse and battled both Frank Gotch and George Hackenschmidt in his early years as a pro wrestler. However, Charles “Kid” Cutler rose to prominence in the 1910s following the departure of Frank Gotch. He laid claim to the American heavyweight title, which he lost to Dr. B.F. Roller in 1912. More notably, he won a fictitious tournament to name the new “world champion.” The title made him for the rest of his career. The following year, Cutler lost to Joe Stecher in Omaha, Nebraska with Frank Gotch looking on. Cutler was able to live off that fabricated glory for the rest of his days. He competed in the famous 1916 tournament in New York City that featured the Masked Marvel, which was his and Jack Curley’s idea to garner interest. Cutler would wrestle legends like “Strangler” Lewis, Jim Londos and Stanislaus Zbyszko numerous times and was kept near the top of the card well into the 1920s. In the post-Gotch era of pro-wrestling, Charlie Cutler was one of many claimants to the throne, but his case has never been as strong as many of the champions that he battled.