Paul E. Dangerously

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Real Name - Paul Heyman
Birthdate - 9/11/65

Aliases - Paul Heyman

Professional background - Memphis, WCW(`9?-`92), ECW(`93-`01), WWF/WWE(`01-)

Groups - Dangerous Alliance

Wrestlers - Kurt Angle, Arn Anderson, Steve Austin, Big Show, Dark Patriot (Doug Gilbert), Bobby Eaton, Eddie Gilbert, Austin Idol, Brock Lesnar, Madusa, Mercenaries, Motor City Madman, Don Muraco, The Original Midnight Express (Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey), Tommy Rich, Rick Rude, Sabu, Jimmy Snuka, Taz, Larry Zbyszko, 911

Place in History - As good of a manager as he was, Paul E. Dangerously will best be remembered as the madman behind Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). However none of that could of happened had he not been a successful star for WCW in the early 90s. Taken from Michael Keaton's character in the 1984 comedy Johnny Dangerously, Paul E. played that same kind of New York fast-talking scumbag and got over big as a heel in Memphis. Weilding a cellphone and sporting fancy clothes, the Southern crowds hated the loud-mouthed Dangerously with a passion. WCW soon picked up on the character and made him the heel counterpart to Jim Cornette. With his "Original Midnight Express," Dangerously established himself and became a color commentator on WCW TV. After that stint he was "fired" and Dangerously finally found his niche as the head of the Dangerous Alliance. Hellbent on bringing WCW down, Paul E. recruited the best heel talent that had no real place in the company at the time and brought in a new face as well. The stable provided WCW with some great angles and matches in `91 and `92 before they dissolved. Dangerously would nudge his way into Eastern Championship Wrestling as a character/booker and in time took it over completely and changed the "E" to stand for "Extreme." The company enjoyed a nice run that saw Paul Heyman move behind the scenes. After the group's death in `01, he resurfaced as a character with the WWF, first a color commentator then a manager, while maintaining some stroke as a writer. His biggest accomplishment was introducing a helping the green Brock Lesnar find his footing before turning on the youngster. Paul Heyman is one of wrestling's great minds who might be a little crazed from all his years of hardwork, but he's certainly deserving of much praise.