Los Espantos


Espanto I
Real Name - José Eusebio Vázquez Bernal
Lifespan - ?/?/33-5/30/68
??? - Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico
Aliases - Torbellino Vázquez
Athletic background - Boxing
Teachers - Carlos Gorila Ramos

Espanto II
Real Name - Fernando Cisneros Carrillo
Lifespan - 8/25/32
??? - Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico
Aliases - La Furia, Toro Cisneros
Athletic background - Boxing (Golden Gloves)
Teachers - Maciste, Joe Marín, El Buitre

Espanto III
Real Name - Miguel Vázquez Bernal
Lifespan - 2/11/40 - 12/8/96
??? - Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico
Aliases - none
Athletic background - n/a
Teachers - n/a

Place in History - Los Espantos are one of the greatest trios ever formed. Although only two members of the brother unit were actual brothers, the original two were lifelong friends. When lucha libre began catching on in the 1940s, José (I) and Fernando (II) were aspiring boxers looking to transition to this exciting sport. Although their career started separately, they eventually reacquainted in Juárez. Soon after José was reborn as the masked El Espanto. His old friend and tag partner took the gimmick as well. El Espanto made it to Mexico City and a few years later Espanto II came in as well. Los Espantos, the tag team, became known as Los Hermanos Espanto and were given a huge push. They defeated El Santo and El Rayo De Jalisco for the National Tag belts and were made into bona fide superstars. The battled all the top luchadors, including Lou Thesz when he came to Mexico City. Los Espantos began teaming with top stars as well in trios. One team with El Santo ended in a vicious split that took Los Espantos to a new level. Soon after Espanto I’s younger brother came in as Espanto III. Although their biggest programs featured others, Espanto III made them the first regular three-man unit. They were a successful trio, but never won any trios championships. Over a short time period all three lost their masks to legendary stars like El Santo (I), Huracán Ramírez (III) and Rubén Juárez (II). In 1968, I and II were planning to tour the world and with their charisma they might have been successful. Unfortunately, Espanto I was murdered following a bar fight. This ultimately ended the tag team and the trio. Although II and III teamed together, Los Espantos became a forgotten team. Espanto III’s sons became IV and V and several others popped up after training under Espanto II. Los Espantos were one of the best tag teams of the day and added a third member to become a groundbreaking trio that inspired numerous famous trios.