Dave "Fit" Finlay

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Real Name - David Finlay
Birthdate - ?/?/64
5'10" 230 lbs. - Belfast, Ireland

Aliases - Belfast Bruiser

Athletic background - n/a

Teachers - ??? Finlay

Professional background - Ireland(`78-`8?), England(`82-`84), CWA(`90-`98), WCW(`96-`01), WWF/WWE(`01-)

Groups - n/a

Peak Years - `83-`94

Career Highlights -
- Wins his first major gold, the British Middleweight title, beating Allan Kilby and the two feud over the belt
- Feuds with Marty Jones over the Mid-Heavyweight title throughout the mid-80s
- Beats Tony St. Clair for the British Heavyweight championship
- Hold the CWA IC Heavyweight title from `93 until he officially leaves the company five years later
- Beats Booker T. to win the WCW Television title

Finisher(s) -
- Tombstone
- Rolling Samoan Drop
- Samoan Drop

Favorites -
- Jumping Lariat
- Fireman's Carry Slam
- Bodyslam
- Soccer Kick
- Headbutt to Stomach

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 6
science - 5
aerial - ?
power - 8
strikes - 10

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 7
selling - 7
bumping - 8
carrying - 8
heat - 7
legacy - 5

Serious Injuries - Leg (Required Surgery)

Place in History - Europe may produce dozens of potentially great wrestlers every generation, but in States these workers often go unappreciated. Some might see some success in Japan and tour the States or Canada, but the real big international successes out of Europe are highly limited. David "Fit" Finlay does not fit into that prestigious category. This Irish wrestler has had great success in his home country and the United Kingdom and on the continent for that matter. Finlay wrestles a very physical version of the European style with less emphasis on slick matwork and more on being as tight in his work as possible. He probably rates amongst Europe's top workers and certainly amongst those to wrestle in Japan and America. WCW never got behind him properly and he eventually lost his career and almost his leg due to their negligence. Finlay was consistantly a roughneck Irish heel in England, where he and his Indian wife, Princess Paula, got great heat and had many successful feuds in the glory days on TV wrestling in the UK. After that he hooked up with Otto Wanz's CWA and established himself as one of the best wrestlers in the world amongst those who saw him work. While he never got to fully shine outside of Europe, Fit Finlay was still damn good in his 40s and was able to show hints of his former brillance when with the right opponents. In any event, he is a largely forgotten name from the hieght of WCW, who is now a road agent and seldom put over as one of the greatest workers Europe ever saw.