Fritz Von Erich

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Real Name - Jack Adkinsson
Lifespan - 8/16/29 - 9/10/97
6'4" 275 lbs. - Dallas, TX
Aliases - Jack Adkinsson
Athletic background - Football (CFL), Track & Field (Southern Methodist University)
Peak Years - 1960s

Place in History - The Von Eirchs' story is one so bizarre and so unbelievable, it could only come of professional wrestling. A domineering father, who began in the 50s as a hated Nazi sympathizer and rose to headliner status through the US and Japan, who tried to built a wrestling empire with his sons as the kings, but when it fell it fell hard. The brothers all had their place: rambunctious David, Adonis-like Kerry, highflying Kevin, overachieving Mike, and black sheep Chris. The brothers began to fall though, one-by-one. The eldest son, Jack Jr. was the first to die, before he even got in the ring. David died years later of suspect causes and his brothers followed: Mike, Chris, and finally Kerry all commited suicide. They had so much potential to be the greatest and most famous wrestling family ever, but tragedy after tragedy befell them the dynasty became a bonfire that burned out fast. Fritz himself was blamed by his wife and spent the final years of his life alone. One could argue all the karma had finally caught up with him as he's largely remembered as a a sadistic and twisted mark for his his own kids rather than one of the true superstars of his day.