Ron Garvin


Real Name - Roger Barnes
Birthdate - ?/?/44
5'?" 230 lbs. - Montreal, QUE

Aliases - Ron Barnes, Ronnie Garvin, Mr. Eau Gallie, Mr. Knoxville, Miss Atlanta Lively

Athletic background - n/a

Teachers - n/a

Professional background - Boston(`62-`6?) Florida(`67-`71), Memphis(`73), Georgia(`74), Knoxville(`74-`79), ICW(`79-`80), Mid-Atlantic(`80-`81), Canada(`82), Georgia(`83-`84), NWA/JCP(`86-`87), Montreal(`87), WWC(`88), AWA(`87), WWF(`89-`90), WWC(`91)

Groups - none

Peak Years - n/a

Career Highlights - n/a

Finisher(s) -
- Fist of Stone (Right Hook)
- Garvin Stomp (Full-Body Stomp)

Favorites -
- Piledriver
- Sunset Flip
- Mounted Punches in corner
- Jumping Headbutt
- Slap

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 4
science - 2
aerial - 2
power - ?
strikes - 6

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 5
selling - 5
bumping - 4
carrying - 5
heat - 6
legacy - 3

Place in History - A lot of people might say, "What the hell is Ron Garvin doing here?" Well, despite the fact he was an NWA champion, Garvin hasn't done much of note in the wrestling world, but perhaps he was given the ball (to an extent) shows someone felt he was good enough to fill the role. However, Garvin seems to be in the same company as Tommy Rich as someone who they threw the belt on to shake things up, unfortunately he was not as over as babyface as Rich. In looking at his career before and after, one can easily make a case that Rich's legacy far outweighs his. Garvin bounced around between the Southwest, Tennesee and Eastern Canada for the better part of twenty-five years, never really making much headway. After the NWA title win, Garvin cashed in on that short-lived fame by tours of the AWA, WWF and Puerto Rico, while in his late 40s before hanging them up. One of the real head-scratchers in professional wrestling because he did so little of note in such a long career minus a world title reign that is frowned up by most.