Eddie Gilbert

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Real Names - Thomas Edward Gilbert Jr.
Lifespan - 8/14/61 - 2/18/95
5'10" 218 lbs. - Lexington, TN

Aliases - Tommy Gilbert Jr., Michael Myers

Athletic background - n/a

Teachers - Tommy Gilbert

Professional background - Memphis(`79-), Tri-State, Memphis, WWF(`82), Memphis(`84-`85), Mid-South/UWF(`85-`87), Cont'l(`88-`89), WCW(`89), Memphis(`90), GWF(`91-`92), TWA/ECW(`91-`93), USWA(`92-`94), W*ing(`93), SMW(`95), WWC(`95)

Groups - Hyatt & Hot Stuff International

Peak Years - `84-`92

Career Highlights -
- Enjoys his first success away from his father in the WWF as a gifted undercard babyface
- Returns to Memphis and becomes a top heel rival of childhood idol, Jerry Lawler
- Turns on Bill Watts and aligns himself with the Russians in an angle that keeps him a hot heel his whole stay
- Gets his first booking break with David Woods' Continental and turns the company around
- Returns to Memphis and pulls off the notorious car-hitting incident with Lawler

Finisher(s) -
- Hot Shot
- Fireball

Favorites -
- Piledriver
- Figure-Four
- Hip Toss
- Punch

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 5
science - 2
aerial - 2
power - 6
strikes - 6

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 10
selling - 7
bumping - 8
carrying - 7
heat - 9
legacy - 6

Serious Injuries - Neck, Chest (Required Surgery)

Place in History - One of the most intriguing characters in pro-wrestling, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert's story is one so unique that it seems like a movie. The son of a wrestler and referee, Eddie was destined to wrestle himself and as a child pretended he had the book and came up with various angles before even breaking in. His early years in the sport were tough for an undersized kid like him and a car accident nearly took his life, but he perservered. After returning to the territory he grew up with, Memphis, Gilbert became a top heel and good mind behind the scenes. Over the next few years he jumped around southern companies trying to get the book and move away from just wrestling, but it was a battle. Bill Watts made him a manager and allowed him to help some with booking. In Continental, he proved himself, but various problems caused him to pack up and leave in short order. He assisted Dusty Rhodes in WCW, but was again frustrated by his limited power and walked out. Gilbert had relationships with Madusa and Missy Hyatt, the latter of which he achieved much of his success with and according to many was never the same after losing. As a booker, Eddie finally got a few chances in the early 90s and seemed like someone who might break through despite the downswing in the sport. He was becoming a distant and disturbed person, who made some very rash decisions in his finals years that caused him to jump ship often and always after odd disputes with promoters. Unfortunately, Eddie Gilbert died in Puerto Rico in his early 30s and was never able to truly show his wares in the big-time. A tragic character whose love for the sport drove him and despite all the forces against him and problems that befell him, Eddie Gilbert has carved a spot for himself in the pro-wrestling world that few others in his situation could.