George Gordienko


Real Name - George Gordienko
Lifespan - ?/?/28 - 5/?/02
??? - Winnipeg, ALB
Aliases - Flash Gordon
Athletic background - Wrestling, Football (High School)
Peak Years - 1950s

Place in History - George Gordienko was an enigmatic character in pro-wrestling. In the 1940s and 1950s, he was considered one of the best shooters around by some of the best shooters around. He was a well-conditioned athlete out of the Canadian prairies and by many accounts could have been molded into a world champion. The “Wonder Boy” slowly progressed into a formidable grappler before taking time off from the sport. Upon his return to the sport, Gordienko realized that his ties to the communist threat would prevent him from extensively touring the United States. Instead of pursuing that career, he toured the world and eventually settled in Europe. There, George Gordienko became renowned as a painter. After a stint in Western Canada, Gordienko retired from the sport and left for Italy. He would return to Vancouver for the last years of his life, painting and writing poetry in seclusion. Although pro-wrestling has had many fine athletes that pursued other careers or lifestyles instead of becoming legendary figures, George Gordienko’s story is unique. Pro-wrestling fed into his art career and yet he still enjoyed his time as pro-wrestler and returned to it for one last hurrah.