Terry Gordy

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Real Name - Terrence Ray Gordy
Lifespan - ?/?/61-7/16/01
?'?" 280 lbs. - Cattanooga, TN

Aliases - Terry Mecca, Mr. Wrestling, Terry Meeker, The Executioner

Athletic background - none

Teachers - n/a

Professional background - Mid-South Indies(`75-`78), Memphis(`78-`79), Mid-South(`79-), WCCW, Georgia, AWA, WWF, UWF(`85-`87), All Japan(`8?-`93), WCW(`92), SMW(`95), IWA(`95), ECW(`96), WWF(`96)

Groups - Fabulous Freebirds

Peak Years - `84-`93

Career Highlights - n/a

Finisher(s) -
- Piledriver
- Spider Powerbomb

Favorites -
- Asiatic Spike (thumb to throat)
- Short-Arm Clothesline
- Lariat
- Punch

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 6
science - 4
aerial - 2
power - 9
strikes - 9

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 7
selling - 8
bumping - 7
carrying - 7
heat - 7
legacy - 6

Serious Injuries - Drug Overdoses

Place in History - One of the great big men of his day, Terry "Bamm Bamm" Gordy was an exceptional talent when still a teen and he would peak at a level that few men of his size ever reach. Gordy first rose to fame as the muscle in the Fabulous Freebirds and while Michael Hayes really made the group, Gordy's ability carried the action more often than not. The Freebirds had numerous successful runs in a very short time span before spliting up largely so "Bamm Bamm" could make his mark in Japan. Terry was pushed hard and fast in All Japan capturing the Triple Crown and remaining a top gaijin for the next few years. Moreover, Gordy was part of the company's new version of Hansen & Brody - the Miracle Violence Combo. Paired up with Steve Williams, the two were hugely successful in All Japan and even in WCW for a time. After Gordy's wild lifestyle caught up with him in the former of overdoses his game dropped off. A pathetic version of his former self, Gordy still knew how to work, but his body just wasn't up for it anymore. He struggled in the next few years getting opportunities mostly out of stature but was never able to recapture a fraction of his former glory. Terry Gordy passed away in the spring of `01, which saddened many in the wrestling community. The World Class curse had claimed another great talent, but this one left an heir - Ray Gordy, who'll hopefully carry on the legacy of his father in Japan.