Animal Hamaguchi


Real Name - Heigo Hamaguchi
Birthdate - 8/31/47
5'7" 205 lbs. - Shimane, Japan

Aliases - Higo Hamaguchi

Athletic background - Bodybuilding

Teachers - Karl Gotch

Professional background - IWE(`69-`81), WWA(`72), New Japan(`81-`84), Japan Pro(`84-`87), All Japan(`84-`87), New Japan(`87-`9?)

Groups - Ishin Gundan

Peak Years - `7?-`87

Career Highlights - n/a

Finisher(s) -
- Airplane Spin into Samoan Drop

Favorites -
- Flying Elbowdrop
- Superplex
- Bodyslam
- Neckbreaker Lariat
- Headbutt

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 5
science - 2
aerial - 3
power - 7
strikes - 6

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 5
selling - 6
bumping - 6
carrying - 5
heat - 8
legacy - 7

Serious Injuries - Back?

Place in History - A good athlete who was well-schooled, but never showed it, Animal Hamaguchi was mainly a rough brawler who was capable, but not really exceptional. A late bloomer who didn't really take off until the Ishin Gundan days of the mid-80s when he was nearing forty. His body was breaking down and Hamaguchi was never able to really capitalize on his name. While he was a known upper midcard in days when wrestling was at a pinnacle in Japan, Animal Hamaguchi is better known as the trainer of some of wrestling best wrestlers of modern times. Running a prestigious gym, Animal trained the likes of Satoshi Kojima and Shinjiro Otani and numerous big names and not-so-big names are gym members. While his amaresu superstar daughter, Kyoko, is what usually puts him in the news in recent years, Animal Hamaguchi's influence over puroresu will be more far-reaching than many of his bigger name peers.