Road Warriors

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Real Name - Mike Hegstrand (Hawk) & Joe Lauranaitis (Animal)
Birthdate - 9/12/57 (Hawk) & 11/12/60 (Animal)
6'3" 245 lbs. - Chicago, IL (Hawk)
6'2" 285 lbs. - Chicago, IL (Animal)

Aliases - Joe Lauren (Animal)

Athletic background -
Hawk - n/a
Animal - Football (Moorehead State), Baseball (High School)

Teachers - Eddie Sharkey

Professional background (together) - Georgia(`83-`84), Memphis(`84), AWA(`84-`86), All Japan, NWA, WWF(`91-`92), WCW(`96), WWF(`97-`98), Indies(`98-), XWF(`01)

Groups - Legion of Doom

Peak Years - `85-`92

Career Highlights -
- Teams with Hawk (Road Warriors) to beat The Crusher & Baron Von Raschke for the AWA Tag titles
- The Road Warriors win the NWA Tag titles by defeating the Midnight Express
- The Warriors defeat Jumbo Tsurata and Genichiro Tenryu to win the NWA International Tag titles
- The Legion of Doom becomes the first big three tag title winners when they beat the Nasty Boys for the WWF Tag titles

Finisher(s) -
- Doomsday Device (both)
- Powerslam (Animal)
- Flying Clothesline (Hawk)

Favorites -
- Shoulder Tackle (both)
- Double Lariat (Animal)
- Press Slam (Hawk)
- Bearhug (Animal)
- Big Boot (Hawk)

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 6/5
science - 3/0
aerial - 3/2
power - 10/10
strikes - 6/5

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 7/7
selling - 6/4
bumping - 4/3
carrying - 6/5
heat - 10
legacy - 10

Serious Injuries - Eyes, Back, Knees? (Animal)

Place in History - One of most recognizable and innovative tag teams to ever come down the pike. Without their gimmicks they would've just been too muscleheads who could have gotten over with their physiques and aggressive brawling, but how far they would've gotten is hard to say. However, they were fitted with post-apocalytic looks: facepaint, spikes and crazy haircuts, that, in addition to their intense interviews made them superstars almost instantly. Given the monster push, which was rare, the Roadies ran over everyone. After being heels for a time, they found their niche as monster faces. The Road Warriors were tricky because they demanaded to stay strong and had to bounce around a bit. Their characters were copied everywhere from other companies to even wrestling games. As time weared on, their bodies wore down and Animal stepped out and Kensuke Sasaki took his place (as the Hell Raisers in New Japan). They eventually hooked back up and enjoyed runs in WCW and WWF that were plagued by their legacy. The WWF tried best they could to use the Warriors to get over new guys and even tried to redesign them, but nothing worked. A team who were great in their day due to their originality and people they were paired with that struggled when the steroids-era died down.