Rick Martel

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Real Name - Richard Vigneault
Birthdate - 3/18/56
6' 236 lbs. - Quebec City, Quebec

Aliases - none

Athletic background - Hockey

Teachers - n/a

Professional background - Canada(`72-`7?), New Zealand(`77-`79), Hawaii(`78), PNW(`80), WWF(`80-`81), IWA(`81-`85), AWA(`84-`85), Canada(`84-`85), PNW(`85-`86), IWA(`86), WWF(`87-`95), Indies(`93-`97), WCW(`97-`98)

Groups - none

Peak Years - `80-`87

Career Highlights -
- Defeats Buddy Rose to win the PNW Heavyweight championship
- Wins Montreal's heavyweight title in a tournament and has a strong face-face feud with Dino Bravo
- Defeats Jumbo Tsuruta to win the AWA World title and holds it for over half a year
- Becomes a solid heel (after years as a babyface) as the "Model"
- Makes a strong midcard run in WCW in his 40s battling over the TV title

Finisher(s) -
- Boston Crab
- High Cross Body

Favorites -
- Swan Dive (Slingshot Splash)
- Backdrop
- Dropkick
- Forearm

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 7
science - 4
aerial - 5
power - 6
strikes - 4

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 6
selling - 7
bumping - 6
carrying - 6
heat - 6
legacy - 6

Serious Injuries - Knee

Place in History - Rick Martel has a not-so-uncommon place in wrestling history in that he's been a top star in his home territory, seen some outside success of varying degrees and been a basic midcarder as well. This is a legacy similar to Dick Murdoch, Ray Stevens and to a lesser extent Harley Race. While Martel might not fit with those three in some people's minds, it proves a point - he had a full career. He played the good-looking youngster cherry for nearly twenty years! While he had great success in that role in smaller, working man territories, Martel struggled in the big leagues. He is often remembered as an unlikely champion in a dying AWA, who left to become a replacable undercarder in the WWF. Martel hung strong well past his prime, despite being a midcarder, keeping himself in excellent shape and showing a nack for working with youngsters while retaining his old school babyface style. Though never a top flight worker, Martel fit his roles better than most and perhaps that's the strength of his legacy.