The Masked Superstar

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Real Name - Bill Eadie
Birthdate - 6/27/43
6'4" 290 lbs. - Atlanta, Georgia

Aliases - The Paramedic, The Medic, Black Crusher, Ron Fury, Bill Eadie, Bolo, Superstar, Superstar Destroyer, Billy Crusher, Super Machine, Ax, Axis the Demolisher

Athletic background - Football (University of West Virginia)

Teachers - The Shiek; Boris Malenko

Professional background - Detroit(`70-`74), NWF(`71), WWWF(`71), IWA(`71-`75), New Japan(`74-`86), Gulf Coast(`78), Georgia(`79-`82), Mid-Atlantic(`80), Dallas(`81), WWF(`82-`83), Georgia(`84), Stampede(`84), Florida(`86), WWF(`86-`91), Indies(`91-)

Groups - Demolition

Peak Years - `71-`82

Career Highlights -
- Achieves his first success in WWWF as half of the Mongols winning the tag belts from
- Becomes the Masked Superstar in Mid-Atlantic and becomes a top heel in the promotion
- Wrestles Antonio Inoki in a "3 million yen-versus-mask" match that establishes him in Japan
- After "breaking the neck" of Eddie Gilbert, has a feud with WWWF champ Bob Backlund
- Teams with Smash (Demolition) to win the WWF tag titles from Strike Force

Finisher(s) -
- Neckbreaker (Side Russian Legweep)
- Cobra (Cobra Clutch)

Favorites -
- Swinging Neckbreaker
- Floatover Suplex
- Bodyslam
- Lariat
- Cross Chop

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 5
science - 2
aerial - 1
power - 7
strikes - 4

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 5
selling - 4
bumping - 4
carrying - 3
heat - 6
legacy - 5

Place in History - Bill Eadie's career has been an unusual one in that he became two very distinct characters, both with very different legacies. He ran around in the North working as half of the Mongols tag team, which was a decent gimmick, but it had a limited shelflife. Eadie was put under a hood as "Super Destroyer" Don Jardine's masked tag partner and renamed, the Masked Superstar. The gimmick worked and he became a big success in the Southeast and in New Japan as well. The promoters would put spins on who the Superstar really was be it a well-known athlete or otherwise, which added to his success. The Superstar enjoyed brief runs on top in various promotions, notably the WWF against Bob Backlund. With the WWF becoming a national powerhouse, the Superstar jumped on board and after several gimmicks Vince Jr. settled on Ax. A ripoff of the wildly popular Road Warriors, Ax and Smash did the same thing as heels and were pretty successful over the next few years. As Eadie neared 50 his years begin catching up on him and they phased in a replacement, but without his ring generaliship the later Demoliton failed. He continues to do independent shows here and there as the Masked Superstar in the South and Ax (or something similiar) in the Northeast. A strong heel who was pushed very well everywhere he went and made a name for himself under two distinct personas, Bill Eadie has had a solid career behind a mask and makeup.