The Mysterious Medics


Real Names - Tony Gonzales & Donald Lortie Sr.
Lifespans - ?/?/??-3/?/02 & 8/25/30-?/?/??
Gonzales - 230 lbs. - Seguin, TX
Lortie - 230 lbs. - Montreal, QUE
Aliases - The Masked Medics; The Mysterious Masked Medics; Yaqui Joe, The Mummy, The Mysterious Medic [Gonzales]; Pierre DeGlane [Lortie]
Athletic background - n/a
Teachers -
Professional background - GCCW(`62-), Memphis, Georgia, Amarillo, Kansas City
Peak Years - `62-`68

Place in History - In 1962, the Gulf Coast was introduced to a new tag team that became one of the most influential in Southern rasslin' - the Mysterious Medics. Tony Gonzales was a journeyman who first began teaming with the French-Canadian Don Lortie in Gonzales' native state of Texas. They were brought and reborn through Rocky McGuire, who put them in white masks, medical scrubs, gave them their signature stethescopes and had them play dastardly heels. Since they closely resembled one another under the hoods, the Medics mastered the illegal switch. This generated great heat, but it was by no means the only trick in their (medical) bag. Feuding with top babyfaces like Cowboy Bob Kelly and Herb Welch, the Medics and competing for the top heel team spot with the legendary Von Brauners, the Medics were definitely one of the premier tag teams of the day. While their contemporaries, the Assassins, were carving a niche as the so-called greatest masked heels of the era, the Medics were tearing it up in Alabama, Louisiana, the Florida panhandle and Tennessee. After less successful runs in other places, the Medics split up. Their legend was not forgotten though. Not long after they left the Gulf Coast, the pair that became known as the Interns, started up and arguably eclipsed the successes of Gonzales and Lortie. Gonzales continued the gimmick, teaming with Luis Hernandez in Los Angeles as the Medics and even coaching his twin sons as a new version. While the Medics are often forgotten, they were one of the top teams of the 1960s and far more influential than they receive credit for in recent times. They were hot enough in Alabama and Tennessee to set off a trend of masked heel tag teams for many years to come, some were greatly successful and others were big flops, but it was all owed to greatly to the Mysterious Medics.