Bronko Nagurski


Real Name - Bronislaw Nagurski
Lifespan - 11/3/1908 - 1/8/1990
6'2" 230 lbs. - Rainy River, ONT
Athletic background - Football (NFL)
Peak Years - 1930s-1940s

Place in History - Many football players have tried their hand at pro-wrestling, some were really good football players, some were really good wrestlers, but few were in the league of Bronko Nagurski. One of the greatest football players of all-time, who was a master of both offensive and defensive positions. He had anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds on his peers as he was a giant man in his day. Nagurski's football exploits are legendary in both college and in the NFL. He led the Chicago Bears to three championships, while wrestling in the off-season, starting in `33. When the Bears were failing to pay him what he wanted, Nagurski made the jump to wrestling where he could make twice as much money. In `37, Bronko left football to wrestle full-time and it paid off for him as he became very popular due to his mainstream fame from football. Promoter Tony Stecher booked him properly and he became one of the top draws in the country immediately. His drawing power made him a top world title contender and a two-time NWA Champion. Those wins over Ray Steele and Lou Thesz made him a noteworthy wrestler in history and probably the top star of the 1940s. He returned to football in `43 and was part of another Chicago championship, but he was past his prime and returned to wrestling again. Then when the TV boom came, his candle dwindled as he was past his wrestling prime (and he was not much of a worker anyways) and lacked the charisma. He continued to wrestle here and there up until the 1960s. Nagurski was a tough guy who never cared for wrestling, but made a living due to it.