Pat O'Connor


Real Name - Patrick O'Connor
Lifespan - ?/?/24 - 8/15/90
6' 230 lbs. - Auckland, New Zealand
Athletic background - Rugby, Wrestling
Peak Years - `54-`61

Place in History - The name Pat O'Connor is known even by the modern fans, but what exactly he did is perhaps unknown past vaguely being a top star. He was an incredible worker who played the traditional babyface with excellent technical skill and was the NWA World Champion for over two years. O'Connor built his name up in the 40s and 50s winning "world" and top regional titles in Florida, Montreal, Kansas City, Toronto, St. Louis and others. He was a constant challenger to Lou Thesz and Whipper Watson during their reigns and vice-versa, he also worked with memorable characters like Gorgeous George, Dory Funk Sr. and The Crusher. During his reign, he was named the first AWA champion, but was injured and couldn't defend against Verne Gagne, who was awarded the belt and so that new "world" title was born. Finally his reign ended when the legendary Buddy Rogers defeated him in front of a record setting 30,000 in Chicago. In the years following that O'Connor continued to work all over, forming a legendary championship team with Wilbur Snyder and finished his career working, refereeing and running the Central States territory through the 80s before the promotion closed down. O'Connor largely moved into the background and died soon after without receiving much accolades. He was one of the best wrestlers of the 40s, 50s and 60s, but is often forgotten for his great contributions to pro-wrestling's great history.