Mr. Pogo

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Real Name - Tetsuo Sekigawa
Birthdate - 2/25/51
5'8" 2?? lbs. - Gunma, Japan

Aliases - Tetsuo Sekigawa, Mr. Seki, Ninja, Ninja Warrior, King Pogo, The Great Pogo

Athletic background - Wrestling (Chuo University)

Teachers - n/a

Professional background - ???(`71-), New Japan(80s), WWC(80s), Memphis(`86), IWA, FMW(`90-`96), Big Japan(`96)

Groups - Funk Masters of Wrestling, Lethal Weapon

Peak Years - ??

Career Highlights - n/a

Finisher(s) -
- Piledriver

Favorites -
- Sickle Attack
- Headbutt
- Lariat
- Karate Chop

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 3
science - 0
aerial - 0
power - 5
strikes - 4

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 6
selling - 4
bumping - 4
carrying - 3
heat - 6
legacy - 5

Place in History - Anyone who owns Japanese garbage wrestling (beyond IWA's KOTDM tournie) has probably seen their share of Mr. Pogo. Whether it's him against Atsushi Onita or Mitsuhiro Matsunaga, Mr. Pogo is a famed garbage wrestler. Where did it all start though? Tetsuo Sekigawa was captain of the wrestling team at Chuo University and it was that team that tried to keep one Tomomi Tsuruta from joining. While Tsuruta went on to represent Japan in the Olympics, then as Jumbo Tsuruta went on to become one of the greatest wrestlers ever. Meanwhile, Pogo went into pro-wrestling and never quite displayed he had a amateur background at all. As the brawling partner of Kendo Nagasaki and/or Kazuo Sakurada, the two toured the world. One of the early users of a ninja gimmick, who became successful in North America because of it. It's no surprise he religated into simple martial arts and any potential he may have had evaporated quickly. Pogo's years as a New Japan undercarder allowed him to become a top guy in the indies and he went with it for some time. After putting on weight and relying more on brawling he only got worse in the ring. With his painted face and sickle, Mr. Pogo became a heavily pushed heel and was on top when garbage wrestling peaked in the first half of the 90s. In sharp contrast to Jumbo, Pogo is often considered one of the worst workers of puroresu regardless of his