Yvon Robert


Real Name - Yvon Robert
Lifespan - ???
6' 230 lbs. - Montreal, QUE
Athletic background - n/a
Peak Years - 30s-50s

Place in History - Perhaps the greatest French Canadian wrestler to this9 day, Yvon Robert's raw athleticism turned into the stuff which made him one of the best. He combined agility with ability to impress the Montreal crowds and branched his fame out to Northeastern United States and Toronto. Robert and his Rolling Short-Arm Scissors helped him capture numerous titles, but only after he rose to fame following an infamous incident. During a 1935 match, the Canadian jumped in the ring between falls and held champion Danno O'Mahoney's shoulders to the mat and moments later decked O'Mahoney with a punch. Robert continued to be a force in the area snagging all the regional titles before dropping them to the NWA's chosen one - Lou Thesz. Yvon Robert's fame was as great as Montreal Canadien's star right winger Maurice "Rocket" Richard and he drew twenty-thousand dollar gates in his day setting records that stood for some time. In `59, Robert stepped aside as Johnny Rougeau took over and kept Montreal strong in the 60s. Considered the greatest French-speaking wrestler of all-time by many, Yvon Robert was the man who made Quebec and Northeastern US an important region in the world scene.