Antonio Rocca


Real Name - Antonino Biasetton
Lifespan - ?/?/1928 - ?/?/1977
6' 225 lbs. - Argentina

Aliases - Tony Rocca, Argentina Rocca
Athletic background - Soccer, Acrobatics
Peak Years - 40s-50s

Place in History - Antonio "Argentina" Rocca began the long-running trend of ethnic superstar draws in the Northeastern territory. The region had struggled since the late 30s, but the agile Argentinan made it come alive again. What he lacked in some areas, Rocca made up for in uniqueness. Armed with uncanny balance and a one-of-a-kind arsenal, "Argentina" Rocca dazzled the fans who'd seen the same old, same old for so many years. Rocca's star rised and when as the 50s rolled in so did a new territorial powerhouse. New York's Madison Square Garden became one of wrestling's many meccas in the years to follow. Antonio Rocca blazed the trail for many, including non-traditional aerial wrestlers too numerous to mention and ethnic stars like Miguel Perez, Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales and Ivan Putski. Perhaps the most important figure in New York wrestling's history as had it not been for Antonio Rocca who knows if the region would've ever recovered with such a big boom.