Stanislaus Zbyszko


Real Name - Stanislaus Cyganiewicz
Birthdate - ?/?/1878 - 9/23/67
??? - Poland
Peak Years - 20s

Place in History - Stanislaus Zbyszko is one of the most important figures in the formative years of professional wrestling. He comprised the old guard of hookers who were unwilling to commit the new product developed by the Gold Dust Trio. Rising to fame in Europe, Zbyszko had a reputation of an intellectual and grappler, but settled in the latter area with hopes of becoming a great world champion. Zbyszko came to the United States and enjoyed a world title reign that put his name in the history books, but was not particularly successful as he was not a draw with his dull ringwork. After dropping the belt in a worked match to Ed Lewis, Zbyszko aligned himself with the Trio. But when push came to shove he was unwilling to put over a ex-football player, Wayne Munn, whom the Trio were breeding to be a big star. Zbyszko double-crossed his business partners and the new champion who he was to make look credible, he shot on and pinned again and again before the referee finally named him the champion. This act earned Zbyszko a place in the infamous hooker category, but provided an important lesson to future promoters not the put the world title on someone who was not legit.