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Real Names - Bob Miller & Brian Wickens
Birthdates - 10/25/?? & 1/8/??
Butch - 5'11" 250 lbs. - Wellington, New Zealand
Luke - 5'11" 250 lbs. - Wellington, New Zealand

Aliases (together) - Kiwis/Kiwi Express (Crazy Nick Carter & Sweet Luke Williams), The New Zealand Sheepherders, Bushwhackers (Cousin Butch & Cousin Luke)

Aliases (separate) - Detroit Assassin (Butch), Pretty Boy Floyd, Gorgeous Teddy Williams (Luke)

Athletic background - n/a

Teachers - n/a

Professional background - New Zealand, Hawaii, Stampede(`65), PNW(`79-`80), Vancouver(`80), Mid-Atlantic(`80), Alabama(`81-`83), Memphis(`83), WWC(`84-`85), UWF(`86-`87), Memphis(`87), Florida(`87), JCP/NWA(`88), WWF(`88-`93), Free(`94-)

Groups - none

Peak Years - `79-`87

Career Highlights - n/a

Finisher(s) -
- Double Gutbuster
- Battering Ram (Running Headlock Headbutt)

Favorites -
- Rope Necksnap (Both)
- Kitchen Sink (Both)
- Turnbuckle Smash (Both)
- Double-Axe Handle (Both)
- Overhead Forearms (Both)

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 3/5
science - 0/0
aerial - 0/0
power - 5/6
strikes - 5/6

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 6/5
selling - 4/5
bumping - 5/6
carrying - 4/5
heat - 6/6
legacy - 3

Place in History - One of the most polar tag teams the wrestling business has ever known, Butch Miller and Luke Williams spent four decades travelling the world and achieving varying levels of success. Originally a pair of rugged New Zealanders who got started in Jim Barnett's promotion, moved on to Steve Rickard's Hawaii promotion and eventually made it to the West Coast. They established themselves in violent brawls with pretty boy babyface teams like Roddy Piper & Rick Martel, the Fabulous Ones and most notably the Fantastics. At their peak, Butch Miller decided to retire and be with his family and it probably would have undercut their legacy, but Williams stayed the course. Jonathan Boyd came in to take Miller's place and this new version of the Sheepherders were also very successful. Eventually, Luke Williams left Memphis and Rip Morgan and later Bigfoot were added with more success throughout the late 80s. Miller & Williams didn't lose a step and resumed their bloody brawls for several more years in the South. After spending their careers as violent rulebreakers, Vince McMahon made them into one of the most beloved tag teams around. They were good fan favorites doing their "Bushwacker Stomp," head-licking and sardine-eating to the adoration of young fans. Though they were largely an undercard comedy act, the Bushwackers were popular throughout the last stage of their careers. Now, Miller is retired with his family and Williams is a booker in Puerto Rico's IWA. Whether they're remembered as the Sheepherders or the Bushwackers, these two achieved great success coming from a small country and making it all the way to the big show in the WWF.