Genichiro Tenryu

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Real Name - Genichiro Shimade
Birthdate - 2/2/50
6'2" 265 lbs. - Fukui, Japan

Aliases - Tenryu

Athletic background - Sumo

Teachers - Dory Funk, Terry Funk (All Japan Dojo)

Professional background - All Japan(`76-`90), Florida(`80), Mid-Atlantic(`80-`81), NWA(`89), SWS(`90-`92), WAR(`92-`98), New Japan(`93-`00), All Japan(`00-`03), WJ(`03), New Japan(`04-)

Groups - Revolution, WAR Group, Pirate Gundan

Career Highlights -
- Beats Jumbo Tsurata to become the second All Japan Triple Crown winner
- Forms his own promotion WAR (Wrestling And Romance) in `92
- Defeats FMW's Atsushi Onita in one of Onita's signature death matches
- Wins the IWGP title making him the first native to hold it and the Triple Crown
- Makes his momentous return to All Japan after the NOAH split and captures the vacant Triple Crown

Finisher(s) -
- 53 Years Old (Northern Lights Bomb)
- Lariat
- Pinning Powerbomb

Favorites -
- Enzugiri
- Top Rope Rana
- Spider German Suplex
- Flying Elbow Drop
- WAR Special (Inverted Full Nelson)

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 10
science - 4
aerial - 3
power - 7
strikes - 10

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 9
selling - 10
bumping - 6
heat - 9
carrying - 8
legacy - 8

Place in History - Genichiro Tenryu had cemented his place in Japanese pro-wrestling history by the time he left All Japan in 1990. He was the top challenger to Jumbo Tsuruta and they raised the bar to such an extent that the next generation had to step there game up to an amazing degree. While Tsuruta's legacy was put over-the-top by his battles with those kids, Tenryu went on to other things. Namely the ill-fated SWS, which led Giant Baba to proclaim he'd never allow him back in All Japan. Tenryu started his own company and eventually showed up in New Japan. When his time ran out there, he was brought back to the struggling All Japan and helped keep the company afloat until Keiji Muto moved in. He's continued to go strong, alarmingly strong much of the time, into the new millenium and is unquestionably the best worker over fifty, if not over forty. Tenryu will continue to have a dominant role in Japan as long as he's around whether it be promoting, booking, or elevating young talent. In any event, he is only furthering his legacy.