Bill Watts

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Real Name - Bill Watts
Birthdate - n/a
6'4" 295 lbs. - Bixby, OK

Aliases - none

Athletic background - Football(NFL), Wrestling(University of Oklahoma)

Teachers - Wahoo McDaniel, Dale Lewis, Mark Starr, Art Neilson

Professional background - Indianapolis(`62), Tri-State(`63), Los Angeles(`63), Vancouver(`63), Tri-State(`64), Texas(`64), WWWF(`64-`65), San Francisco(`66), Japan(`67), AWA(`67-`69), Midwest(`67-`69), Tri-State(`70-`78), Georgia(`71-`73), WWWF(`71), Florida(`74-`75), Mid-South/UWF(`78-`87), JCP/NWA(`87), WCW(`92), WWF(`96)

Peak Years - `66-`75

Career Highlights -
- Wins the Texas Heavyweight title from "Sailor" Art Thomas
- Does a tag partner-who-turns on WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino that does good houses in the mid-60s
- Becomes a major player on the world title scene working with the NWA and AWA
- Defeats The Spoiler to win the prestigious North American title and tours the Southeast with it for two years
- Buys Tri-State from Leroy McGuirk and forms Mid-South and makes it into a nat'l powerhouse

Finisher(s) -
- Oklahoma Stampede

Favorites -
- Turnbuckle Smash
- Shoulder Block
- Kick
- Punch

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 3
science - 0
aerial - 0
power - 7
strikes - 5

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 8
selling - 5
bumping - 5
carrying - 5
heat - 8
legacy - 7

Place in History - Bill Watts is remembered by different people different ways. The generation that would remember him as a worker is shuffling off and his later accomplishments have almost eclipsed those years in people's minds. He toured all around the United States with a few stops in Canada and Japan and was always a top star. Though not really an exceptional worker, Watts was an above-average big man and had a level of charisma that allowed him to always get on top of the card quickly. A strong heel who was a constant threat to the major to WWWF, AWA and NWA champions during the 60s and up through the early 70s. The fans didn't know though that Watts was gathering up a wealth of booking knowledge and when he took over, Watts was loaded for bear. Bill Watts learned under three very good promoters: Roy Shires, Verne Gagne and Eddie Graham. Shires taught him the details, Gagne taught him the big picture and Graham taught him the dynamic of package shows without a single main event drawing. Watts turned Mid-South into one of the top territories in the US and did some amazing business considering the population to land area ratio. A true booking genius, Bill Watts was able to create many stars by masterfully playing to their strengths. After nearly ten strong years, Mid-South was sold to Jim Crockett and Watts got out the wrestling business. He made returns with WCW as a head booker and the WWF as a consultant with mixed results before finally getting out completely. Bill Watts accomplishments in the wrestling world are truly amongst the most impressive as he did more in and out of the ring than most wrestlers who come along.