The Wrestling Pro


Real Name - Leon Baxter
Birthdate - 6/4/38
5'10" 236 lbs. - Dothan, AL
Aliases - Tarzan Baxter, Masked Guacho #1, Masked Superstar #2
Athletic background - Boxing [US Navy]
Professional background - Tri-State(`63-`68), Georgia(`68), Charlotte(`68), Tri-State(`69), GCCW(`70-`77), Tri-State(`75), Nashville(`76), SECW[Alabama](`78)
Teachers - n/a
Peak Years - `69-`76

Place in History - Gulf Coast Championship Wrestling will always be remembered for its babyfaces like the Fields Brothers, Cowboy Bob Kelly and Ken Lucas, who battled a constant flow of new and intriguing heels. Many only stayed long enough to climb to the top, capture the belt and lose it before moving on. One man who survived longer than the rest and became arguably the greatest heel in GCCW’s history was the Wrestling Pro. Previously known as Leon “Tarzan” Baxter, he combined his excellence in the ring with heel tactics and a white costume and mask to quickly become the territory’s top heel throughout the 1970s. Tarzan Baxter had found early success working opposite the legendary Danny Hodge in Okalahoma. He learned how to work and during a run in a masked heel tag team, he learned how to be a heel. It all came together when he entered the GCCW. Baxter came to Alabama as part of the Wrestling Pros, a tag team with the masked Eddie Sullivan as #2. After establishing himself as a heel with a loaded headbutt gimmick, the Pro’s abilities began to shine through and his trademark suplex became enough to put away top babyfaces cleanly. Throughout his time in GCCW, the Pro would jump back and fourth, but was really superior as a heel. He was an ideal opponent for Ken Lucas and Bob Kelly as well as visiting NWA champions. The Pro’s rivalry with junior champion Ken Mantell became a top feud even without the gold. While his singles success is most notable, the Wrestling Pro had several noteworthy teams such, such as he a Rip Tyler, The Spoiler (Curtis Smith), rival-turned-partner the Mysterious Medic (Tony Gonzales) and he was also part of the innovative Murder Inc. stable. He and local babyface Dick Dunn even had a successful heel run in Tennessee as the masked Superstars. The Wrestling Pro became a less frequent worker by the late 70s, but had a run with Southeastern teaming and later losing to The Super Pro (Randy Rose). He has worked for the Deputy Sheriff in Dothan, Alabama and helped train his son, who had a brief career. The Wrestling Pro may have only worked GCCW for seven years, but it left a long and enduring mark unlike many heels in the territory. By combining technique and guile, the Wrestling Pro was able to become perhaps the most successful heel that the company saw in its twenty year run.