Report Last Updated - 3/06 (Winter)
Real Name - Takahiro Suwa
Birthdate - 8/31/75
5'10" 198 lbs. - Kawanabe-gun, Japan

Aliases - Judo SUWA

Athletic background - n/a

Teachers - Yoshihiro Asai (UDG - 1st Term)

Professional background - IWRG(`97-`99), WCW(`98), Toryumon(`99-`04), Dragon Gate(`04), NOAH(`04-)

Groups - Crazy Max

Career Highlights -
- Forms Crazy Max, Toryumon's heel gang, along with CIMA, Sumo Fuji, and TARU
- Defeats the Dragon Kid to win the NWA Welterweight title
- Teams with Fuji and CIMA to win the UWA World Trios titles
- Crazy Max regains the UWA Trios belts again from M2K
- Hooks up with NOAH and becomes a top junior heel for them

Finisher(s) -
- FFF/Facefirst Facebuster (Butterfly Facebuster)
x Bonkura Bomb (Black Tiger Bomb)

Favorites -
- Jet Pool/JP (Electric Chair Drop)
- John Woo (Running Seated Dropkick)
- Flying Clothesline
- Flapjack
- Low Blow

Ringwork Rating -
move set - 8
science - 2
aerial - 3
power - 8
strikes - 9

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 8
selling - 8
bumping - 7
heat - 7
carrying - 9
push - 8
potential - 5

Outlook - The years in Toryumon were kind to Judo SUWA. He enjoyed top heel duty for some time, but eventually fell in with the cool heels and that eventually undermined his character. SUWA was the company's best talent in the company's early years, but sort of hit a rut when the next crop began emerging strongly. He made a big career decision when he began touring with NOAH and his success has been impressive. SUWA has joined the company with the best junior division in the world and shined due to his great in-ring and tremendous heel work. SUWA is hitting his stride in NOAH and may in fact be hitting his peak as a performer, which is amazing considering his excellence in the past.