Chris Dolman

Chris Dolman


Real Name - Christiaan Dolman
Birthdate - n/a
6'1" 265 lbs. - Holland

Athletic background - Sambo (World Champ `70), Judo (European Youth Champion `66), Wrestling (Benelux Champion 66-69)

Professional background - UWF(`90), RINGS(`91-??)

Team - RINGS Holland

Career Highlights - n/a

Favorites -
- Mounted Boston Crab
- Front Chancery
- Side Mount Half Crab
- Cross Armbreaker
- Side Mounted Chokehold
- Clinched Knees

Ringwork Rating -
technique - 6
science - 4
counters - 4
transitions - 3
diversity - 5
power - 3
strikes - 4

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 4
selling - 5
toughness - 6
carrying - 4
heat - 6
star level - 6

Place in History - One of RINGS first gaijin stars, Chris Dolman used his impressive athletic background as the base of his style. His brief exposure with the UWF and past successes in sambo made him an instant star, since no one had his level credentials. Though he was past his physical peak, had a deteriorating physique and wore an ugly outfit, Dolman was pushed hard. He was largely the fighter with a storied past that the company needed in the beginning. They kept him strong for the rest of his time with RINGS, but he was not a top guy once the best wrestlers had been established. He is the classic example of someone legit who's used to jump start a Japanese product putting him in company with NWA Champions, which says something.