Yoshiaki Fujiwara

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Birthdate - 4/27/49
6' 227 lbs. - Iwate, Japan

Athletic background - Judo

Teachers - Karl Gotch

Professional background - New Japan(`7?-`84), Germany(`76), UWF(`84-`85), New Japan(`85-`88), UWF(`88-`90), PWFG(`91-`93), Indies(`93-)

Career Highlights - n/a

Favorites -
- Fujiwara Armbar
- Heel Hook
- Anklehold
- Entangled Kimura
- Headbutt
- Kneebar

Ringwork Rating -
technique - 8
science - 6
counters - 7
transitions - 6
diversity - 5
power - 9
strikes - 6

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 6
selling - 8
toughness - 8
carrying - 6
heat - 9
star level - 8

Place in History - One of the major figures in shoots rising to prominence in Japan, Yoshiaki Fujiwara learned from a legit shooter and he passed that on in his long (and still going) career. His pre-UWF career was not noteworthy, but with that his career came alive. Fujiwara established his star there and furthered when the company collapsed and the talent returned to New Japan. His feud with Riki Choshu helped further his name value and with the second UWF, he was one of the most popular stars despite entering his 40s. When that company closed up, he was one of the three stars who kingpinned a new company in the next few months. His own group was comprised of some promising youngsters and seemed to have a future based on that fact. The most promising of those: Masa Funaki, Minoru Suzuki and Wayne (Ken) Shamrock left PWFG walked out on Fujiwara though (citing his selfishness) and his days on top were abruptly halted. Since then, Fujiwara has worked surprisingly regularly throughout the Japanese Indies with about every known one at one time or another. He remains to work for Zero-One off and on in recent years and while he's a sad, broken down shooter, the crowd gets behind him. Fujiara usually goes over his younger opponents to this day, so maybe those guys were right. Regardless, Yoshiaki Fujiwara's place in the evolution of puroresu is undeniable and he paved the way for the recent successes of MMA in Japan.