Volk Han


Birthdate - 4/15/61
6'3" 235 lbs. - Dagestan

Athletic background - Command Sambo

Professional background - RINGS(`91-`01)

Team - RINGS Russia

Career Highlights -
- Wins Battle Dimensions tournament `94 by defeating Akira Maeda via submission
- Returns to his homeland, where he successful displays his ability
- Defeats Kiyoshi Tamura by submission to win Battle Dimensions tournament `96
- Beats Lee Hadsell and Bobby Hoffman in one night in RING's King of Kings tournament
- Takes future Pride star Antonio Noguiera the distance in RING's King of Kings 2000 Finals

Favorites -
- Double Reverse Heel Hook
- Front Leg Roll into Reverse Heel Hook
- Standing Chickenwing
- Body Scissors into Reverse Heel Hook
- Mounted Boston Crab
- Spinning Backfist

Ringwork Rating -
technique - 10
science - 6
counters - 8
transitions - 10
diversity - 10
power - 8
strikes - 7

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 10
selling - 10
toughness - 9
carrying - 9
heat - 8
star level - 9

Place in History - One could easily make a case that Volk Han is the master of the worked shoot style. While people like Nobuhiko Takada, Akira Maeda amongst others have more notoriety, Han's skill is undeniable. He largely created a brand new style based on outrageous submission holds and old-fashioned transitional wrestling. The fact that he started in his 30s, coming from a country with virtual no pro-wrestling and became RINGS's best talent is a once-in-a-generation feat. His real-life affable character made him come across as a pure athlete in competition, which was both good and bad. After his best years were behind him, Han's disciples, namely Labazanov Arhmed, were excellent in RINGS and carried Russia's legacy. Volk Han is one of the very best European wrestlers and with the exception of Billy Robinson the most successful in Japan.