Kenichi Yamamoto


Birthdate - 7/11/76
5'11" 192 lbs. - Japan

Athletic background - n/a

Professional background - UWFi(`94-`96), Kingdom(`96-`98), RINGS(`99-`01), UFC(`99-`00), Pride(`02-`03)

Team - Power of Dream

Career Highlights - n/a

Favorites -
- Cross Armbreaker
- Ankle Lock
- German Suplex
- Rear Naked Choke
- Mid Kick
- Leg Kick

Ringwork Rating -
technique - 10
science - 6
counters - 8
transitions - 9
diversity - 7
power - 7
strikes - 8

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 7
selling - 8
toughness - 7
carrying - 7
heat - 6
star level - 6

Serious Injuries - Concussions

Place in History - Kenichi Yamamoto's journey through the world of shoot-style and MMA has been a tough one. He first got started with the UWFi at a time when some really good talents were coming in, which sort of left him lost in the pack. He developed well though and when he got better chances in Kingdom, Yamamoto got to prove he was one of the best shoot-style workers in the world. He lived largely off his name value as being a UWFi undercarder though and got some opportunities in MMA along with many of his peers. His involvement in the UFC showed he was pretty legit as he won a light heavyweight tournament over notable Japanese journeyman shooters Daiju Takase and Katsuhisa Fujii. They've been his only wins in shoots, his fights since have been against a variety of opponents who've put him away pretty convincingly. He remains an interesting character though and while he is definitely south of his prime, Kenichi Yamamoto has been a good supporting character in the development of shoot-style wrestling.