Masahito Kakihara


Birthdate - 4/29/72
6' 195 lbs. - Ehime, Japan

Athletic background - Track & Field (High School)

Professional background - UWF(`90), UWFi(`91-`96), Kingdom(`97-`98)

Career Highlights -
- Upsets Gary Albright to establish himself as a major up-and-comer
- Scores a major win over the UWFi's future ace Kiyoshi Tamura at a Budokan show
- In the biggest match of his career headlines a UWFi Budokan show taking on Nobuhiko Takada
- Defeats Shinjiro Otani of New Japan in the early stages of the NJPW-UWFi feud
- Beats Kensuke Sasaki in the NJPW-UWFi feud, one of the few undercard wins by a UWFi star

Favorites -
- Rear Naked Choke
- Kneebar
- Clenched Knee
- Heel Hook
- Mid Kick
- Leg Kicks

Ringwork Rating -
technique - 7
science - 5
counters - 7
transitions - 8
diversity - 6
power - 5
strikes - 7

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 7
selling - 7
toughness - 9
carrying - 6
heat - 6
star level - 5

Place in History - Masahito Kakihara's involvement in the shoot-style groups of puroresu might not be as important as some of the characters he worked under, but he was a strong supporting star. He began making his name in UWFi, where the company started showing some confidence in him. It looked like Kakihara was one of the next generation stars along with the likes of Kiyoshi Tamura, Hiromitsu Kanehara and Naoki Sano. But UWFi fell under financial and political duress and aligned itself with New Japan as the original UWF had. When the New Japan and UWFi feud began Kaki was used right early on, but many stars of the stars were being buried by Riki Choshu's one-sided booking. He bailed quickly for Kingdom, another Takada headed shoot-style group, that was even more realistic and Kakihara thrived there until it too closed. One of the numerous youngsters who were made stars in the UWF/UWFi groups, his story is odd though. Many of his peers had to chose work or shoot in the late 90s. Though he stuck behind shoot-style when push came to shove, Kakihara went to pro-wrestling and continues to go strongly to this day while most of those peers are banged up and never got far as shooters anyways.