Yoshihisa Yamamoto


Current MMA Page of Yoshihisa/Naohisa Yamamoto
Birthdate - 7/4/70
6'2" 290 lbs. - ???, Japan

Aliases - Naohisa Yamamoto

Athletic background - Judo

Professional background - RINGS(`91-`01), Pride(`01-)

Team - RINGS Japan

Career Highlights - n/a

Favorites -
- Scissored Chokehold
- Double-Leg Takedown
- Heel Hook
- Clinched Knees
- Mid Kick
- Palm Strike

Ringwork Rating -
technique - 7
science - 5
counters - 5
transitions - 7
diversity - 7
power - 9
strikes - 7

Intangible Rating -
entertainment - 8
selling - 8
toughness - 8
carrying - 7
heat - 8
star level - 8

Serious Injuries - Hernia Problems

Place in History - Yoshihisa Yamamoto was largely a nobody in the wrestling world, until a competitive fight against the great Rickson Gracie made him a superstar. The sheer guts of Yamamoto made the fans love him and it became his gimmick. He transformed quickly from an uninspired midcarder to one of the company's most charismatic stars. His motto of "Futou Fukutu" (unyeilding and indomitable) is very apropos to his character. He, along with a few other natives, largely carried the weight once Maeda left. Yamamoto played the the big, rugged native who bruted his way through fights. While they were excellent at the style, the appeal dipped and the company hit hard times. Unfortunately for Yamamoto and many of his peers, when MMA exploded in the next five years, they were all too banged up to capitalize on this phenomenon.