Since 1998 this website has been around, upon different server, upon different server and in more styles and images than the careers of Al Snow and Charles Wright put together. Times have changed, the product we fell in love with all those years ago, has changed so now we’re changing with the times too.

Now it’s not about how many different images of wrestlers we have or the amount of useless information we used to have on our pages. Hell, it’s not even about how many rare, collectable, entrance themes we tried to offer the Internet at one point.

The latest incarnation of wrestlingworldUK is about offering something you can either use, or at the very least find interesting. With the reduced sections it reduces the workload for me so I can offer you guys a better service; maybe we’ll manage to dig back some of the fans we used to have!

So take a look around this former wasteland, and enjoy your time here!

Stuart Price

P.S We are just in the process of re-doing the site so alot of the content right now isn't here, as we finish it bits will be placed here but we are looking at getting hold of a dot com.

This website is not endorsed or affiliated with any wrestling promotions based in the United States of America such as WWE, ROH or TNA.