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Subject: SAMUEL WRIGHT of Springfield, Mass [see Biography] 
From the NEHG Register, Volume 4, Ocotber 1850 
I. John WRIGHT of Kelvedon, Co. Essex 
1. John WRIGHT, of Wrightbridge, Co. Essex m. Avis Rooke 
  1. John WRIGHT, Wrightsbridge m. (1st) ____EMFELL 
    a. John WRIGHT, Wrightsbridge; m. Katharine, daughter of Sr. Wm. GARAWAY, 
      1. James WRIGHT
    b. Samuel WRIGHT, of Springfield, Mass. m. Margaret ____ 
      1. Samuel WRIGHT m. Elizabeth BURT, Nov. 24, 1653. Samuel WRIGHT was 
      killed by the Indians at Northfield, 1675. His widow m. N. DICKENSON, of 
      Hatfield, 1684. 
        9. Samuel WRIGHT, b. 1554; m. Sarah LYMAN, of Northampton, Jan. 3, 1678, 
        and had: 
          a. Sarah WRIGHT, b. 1678 
          b. Samuel WRIGHT, b. 1682; m. Lydia MARSHALL 
          c. John WRIGHT, b. 1687 
          d. Hannah WRIGHT, m. Samuel PHELPS 
          e. Hepsibah WRIGHT, b. 1695 
          f. Dorcas WRIGHT 
          g. Lydia WRIGHT
        10. Joseph WRIGHT, b. 1554; m. Ruth SHELDEN, of Northampton, Nov. 6, 
        1679. They had: 
          17. Joseph WRIGHT, b. 1681 
          18. Samuel WRIGHT, b. "1693"; m. Jemima KING, Dec. 19, 1717. They had: 

            23. Charles WRIGHT, b. Jan. 5, 1718; m. Ruth BOLTWOOD, dau. of 
            Samuel BOLTWOOD, Esq. of Amherst, Oct 19, 1742. They had: 
              28. Samuel WRIGHT, bap. Feb. 10, 1745 
              29. Solomon WRIGHT m. Eunice. Solomon WRIGHT entered the 
              continental army when quite young; was subsequently much in public 
              life; member of the Assembly, and for many years a judge of the 
              Court in Bennington Co. He resided at Pownal, Vt. They had: 
                a. Charles WRIGHT 
                b. Thomas WRIGHT; graduate of Williams' College and a 
                distinguished advocate of the Bennington bar, Vt. 
                c. Jefferson WRIGHT;graduate of Williams' College and a 
                distinguished advocate of the Bennington bar, Vt. 
                d. Solomon WRIGHT 
                e. Pliny WRIGHT 
                f. Isaac T. WRIGHT; resided at Castleton, Vt., and was a judge 
                of the County Court. 
                (g, h, i, j, k, l) daughters
              3. Dorcas WRIGHT, bap. Jan. 1750
            24. Jemima WRIGHT 
            25. Anna WRIGHT 
            26. Samuel WRIGHT m. Penelope LEONARD, May 11, 1759, Amherst. They 
              31. Paul WRIGHT (and perhaps other children). 
              32. Silas WRIGHT m. Huldah GOODALE of Amherst, Sept. 17, 1780. He 
              was the honored father of the late Gov. Silas WRIGHT, of Canton, 
              N.Y., a distinguished Senator and Statesman.
        11. Benjamin WRIGHT, b. 1660; m. Thankful TAYLOR, and had : 
          a. Benjamin WRIGHT, b. 1682 
          b. Jacob WRIGHT, of South Carolina 
          c. Daniel WRIGHT, b. 1697; m. Margarett JUDD, of Northampton and moved 
          to Northfield; had: William WRIGHT and five daughters.
        12. Ebenezer WRIGHT, b. 1663; m. Hannah HUNT, of Northampton, and had : 
          a. Obadiah WRIGHT, b. 1695 
          b. Noah WRIGHT, b. 1699 
          c. Clemence WRIGHT, b. 1703 
          d. Elisha WRIGHT, b. 1705, and others 
          e. Josiah WRIGHT 
          19. Ruth WRIGHT, b. 1687 
          20. James WRIGHT, b. 1689 
          21. Mary WRIGHT, b. 1690 
          22. Benoni WRIGHT, b. 1697
        13. Elizabeth WRIGHT, b. 1666 
        14. Elizur WRIGHT, b. 1668; m. Mary PARDEE; they had: 
          33.Elizur WRIGHT, b. 1689 
          34. Azariah WRIGHT, b. 1697; m. Eliza FIELD 
          35. Nehemiah WRIGHT, b. 1699; m. Mary SHELDON and had: 
            a. Seth WRIGHT, b. 1734 
            b. Eunice WRIGHT 
            c. Mary WRIGHT 
            d. Miriam WRIGHT 
            e. Seth WRIGHT, b. 1743 
            f. David WRIGHT, b. 1746
          36. Eldad WRIGHT, b. 1701 
          37. Benoni WRIGHT, b. 1702; m. Harriett SEVERANCE. They had: 
            39. Ebenezer WRIGHT, b. July 5, 1725 
            40. Moses WRIGHT, b. Jan. 10, 1726-7; of Rockingham, Vt., m. Miss 
            KNIGHT, and had: 
              49. Ebenezer WRIGHT m. Martha WELLMAN and had: 
                a. Eben WRIGHT (Now of Gloucestershire, ENg., a distinguished 
                inventor and scientific mechanician. 
                b. Lemuel WRIGHT 
                c. Wellman WRIGHT 
                d. John Stratton WRIGHT, merchant, Boston; m. Mary RUSSELL, dau. 
                of Dr. Lemuel WELLMAN 
                e. Samuel Bradlee WRIGHT 
                f. Moses Franklin WRIGHT and others
              50. Solomon WRIGHT 
              51. Nathan WRIGHT 
              52. Moses WRIGHT, and others
            41. Amasa WRIGHT, b. Sept. 20, 1729 
            42. Sarah WRIGHT, b. April 11, 1731 
            43. Benoni WRIGHT, b. Nov. 22, 1733 
            44. Zadock WRIGHT, b. April 7, 1736 
            45. Anna WRIGHT, b. Feb. 11, 1737-8 
            46. Ruth WRIGHT, b. Oct. 13, 1739 
            47. Hannah WRIGHT, b. Nov. 27, 1744 
            48. Nathan WRIGHT, b. Jan. 15, 1746
          38. Phineas WRIGHT, b. 1710 
          and five daughters
        15. Hannah WRIGHT, b. 1671 
        16. Benoni WRIGHT, b. 1675
      2. James WRIGHT m. Abigail JESS, June 18, 1664; he d. 1723. 
        53. Abigail WRIGHT, b. Dec. 7, 1665; d. young 
        54. Helped WRIGHT, b. July 2, 1668; d. 1745 
        55. James WRIGHT, b. Nov. 9, 1670; d. 1689 
        56. Lydia WRIGHT, b. Mar 1674; d. young 
        57. Samuel WRIGHT, b. May 16, 1675; went to Conn. 
        58. Preserved WRIGHT, b. 1678; m. Abigail ___and had: 
          a. Ephraim WRIGHT, b. 1712 
          b. Preserved WRIGHT, b. 1715 
          c. Moses WRIGHT, b. 1719 
          d. Sarah WRIGHT 
          e. Preserved WRIGHT
        59. Hester WRIGHT, b. 1684; m. Nathaniel CURTIS 
        60. Johathan WRIGHT, b. 1686;d. July 8, 1743; of Northampton; m. 
        Experience EDWARDS, of Northampton. She d. 1720. 
          62. Jonathan WRIGHT, b. 1710, 2nd wife Elizabeth PHELPS, m. 1724 
          63. Hepsibah WRIGHT, b. 1712; d. young 
          64. Experience WRIGHT, b. 1714,; m. Mark WARNER 
          65. Hannah WRIGHT, b. 1717; d. young 
          66. Simeon WRIGHT, b. 1728; m. Mary ____, Union, Ct. 
            69. Elizabeth WRIGHT m. Clavin SPRAGUE, 1766 
            70. Johathan WRIGHT; was killed by accident 
            71. Simeon WRIGHT, b. Feb. 27, 1754; Lieut.; m. Sophia CHILD, dau. 
            of Ebenezer CHILD, of Leicester, VT., 1774. He was among the first 
            to take up arms in the Revolution; and , the Sunday following the 
            Lexington fight, he rallied the "liberty boys," and marched the next 
            morning for Cambridge. He was in the Bunker Hill battle, and several 
            others at the South, and continued in the army through the war. He 
            had ten children, all of whom are dead except one. 
            72. Polly WRIGHT, b. March 6, 1757 
            73. John WRIGHT, b. Jan. 13, 1759; a physician
          67. Seth WRIGHT 
          68. James WRIGHT
        61. Hannah WRIGHT, b. 1688; d. young
      3. Mary WRIGHT 
      4. Margarett WRIGHT, m Thomas BANCROFT, Dec. 8, 1653 
      5. Hester WRIGHT, m. Samuel MARSHFIELD, Feb. 18, 1651/2 
      6. Lydia WRIGHT, m. Lawrence BLISS, Oct. 25, 1654; 2nd, John NORTON, Oct. 
      3, 1678; 3rd, John LAMB, 1688; 4th, George COLTON, 1692, and died February 
      13, 1699. 
      7. Judah WRIGHT, b. May 10, 1642 m. Mercy BURT, Jan. 17, 1667, and went to 
        74. Samuel WRIGHT, b. 1667; d. young 
        75. Mercy WRIGHT, b. 1669; m. S. ALLEN, of Deerfield, and they had seven 
        children, one of whom was Joseph, the father of Colonel ETHAN ALLEN, the 
        celebrated warrior 
        76. Hester WRIGHT, b. 1671; d. young 
        77. Judah WRIGHT, b. 1673; no further account known 
        78. Ebenezer WRIGHT, b. 1679; m. Mary JUDD, of Northampton, A.D., 1711 
          82. Mary WRIGHT, b. 1711; m. William STRONG, 1752 
          83. Eunice WRIGHT, b. 1715; m. Selah CLARK, 1734 
          84. Nathaniel WRIGHT, b. 1720, d. s.p. 1796 
          85,. Mercy WRIGHT, b.____m. Joseph CLARK, 1737 
          86. Rachel WRIGHT, b. 1724; m. Gideon CLARK 
          87. Bildad WRIGHT, b. 1729; m. Elizabeth OAKES, 1753
        79. Thomas WRIGHT, b. 1682; no further account known 
        80. Patience WRIGHT, b. 1684; no further account known 
        81. Nathaniel WRIGHT, b. 1688; d. young
      8. Helped WRIGHT, b. 7, 15, 1644
These children, except the last two, were born before he went to Springfield, 
and probably before he came over; Helped doubtless died young. 
    c. Jane WRIGHT
  John WRIGHT , Wrightsbridge; m. (2nd) Bennet GREENE 
    d. Nathaniel WRIGHT, merchant, London, and Assistant of the Winthrop 
    Company, 1630; m. Lydia JAMES 
      1. Samuel WRIGHT, b. 1614 
      2. John WRIGHT 
      3. Nathaniel WRIGHT 
      4. James WRIGHT 
      5. Hester WRIGHT 
      6. Lydia WRIGHT
    e. Lawrence WRIGHT 
    f. Bennet WRIGHT
  2. Robert WRIGHT

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I am looking for descendants of David Wright, third child of Joseph and Mary 
Wright of Laurens Co., SC, (born 1782, Laurens Co., SC; died 16 Aug (11 Aug?) 
1867, Calhoun Co., AL); m. Rebecca ANDREWS. David and Rebecca reportedly had six 
sons and four daughters. According to NOTABLE MEN OF ALABAMA Vol. 1,Edited by 
Hon. Joel C. DuBose, published, 1976, by The Reprint Company, Spartanburg, SC, 
this Wright and McClurkin family of Laurens Co., SC, moved to Alabama in 1833, 
first settling in Calhoun Co., and later moving to Talladega County. This book 
also states they were Baptists. >The proven children of David and Rebecca 
Andrews Wright were: 
(1) George Clinton Wright, (born 24 Nov 1810, Laurens Co., SC, died 28 Jan 1890, 
Talladega Co., AL), married 26 Feb 1835, Talladega Co., AL, Nancy MCCLURKIN, 
born 1815, daughter of James MCCLURKIN and Margaret CUNNINGHAM. James and 
Margaret C. MCCLURKIN reportedly had three sons and four> daughters. Children of 
George C. and Nancy M. Wright were: 
  (1) (Believed son) William Dean Wright, born 1835, AL; married 1861, 
  Talladega, AL, Rebecca Catherine TEAGUE, born 8 Nov 1841, Benton Co., AL, 
  daughter of Elijah H. TEAGUE and Margaret THOMPSON. Children were all born in 
  Talladega Co., AL: 
    (1) James Elbert Wright, born 1863 
    (2, 3) Fannie Margaret Wright, Walter Taylor Wright, born 1865 
    (4) Elijah Floyd Wright, born 1868 
    (5) Nannie Estelle Wright, born 1870 
    (6) Annie Wright, born 1873 
    (7) George Clinton Wright, born 1874 
    (8) Lucille Wright, born 1875 
    (9, 10) Emma Wright, William Wright (Jr.?), born 1878 
    (11) Raymond Wright, born 1879
  (2) Catherine Wright, born 1837, AL; married Unknown 
  (3, 4) John Wright, Margaret Wright, born 1841, AL, married Unknowns 
  (5) James A. Wright, born 9 July 1844, Benton Co., AL, died 18 Jan 1934, 
  Limestone Co., TX, married 23 Dec 1869, Limestone Co., TX, Mattie Louisa 
  WALLER, born 9 May 1849, dau. of Thomas Flint WALLER. 
  [The relationship of James to Martha J. Wright (the other proven child of 
  David and Rebecca Wright) is stated in James's Civil War Veteran Pension 
  Application, recorded Limestone Co., TX, Records, Volume 73, Edition 56, Sheet 
  One, Page One.] 
  Children who died very young were James Earnest Wright, Prudie Zelene Wright, 
  and William Waller Wright. Surviving children were: 
    (1) Oscar Clinton Wright, born 16 May 1872, died 22 June 1895 
    (2) Thomas Emmitt Wright, born 26 March 1874, Limestone Co., TX, married 27 
    Nov 1901, Limestone Co., TX, Josephine STEEL, born 25 Jan 1878, Cotton Gin, 
    Freestone Co., TX, daughter of Robert E. STEELE and Josephine WILLIAMS. 
    Children are/were: 
      (1) William Steele Wright, born 23 Sept 1903, Limestone Co., TX; died 23 
      Apr 1975, married Vivian F. HART 
      (2) Oscar Harold Wright, born 15 Sept 1905, Limestone Co., TX, died 15 
      Sept 1933, Limestone Co., TX 
      (3) James R. Wright, born 24 Aug 1908, Limestone Co., TX, married 18 Jan 
      1939, Overton, TX, Paula THURSTON 
      (4, 5) Thomas E. Wright, Jr.; Walter Dana Wright, born 10 Nov 1914>Thomas 
      married Hazel LITTON 
      (6) Eloise Wright, born 9 Oct 1918
    (3) Samuel Howard Wright, born July 1878, TX 
    (4) George Dana Wright, born Nov 1880, TX 
    (5, 6) Herbert Emil Wright,;Helen Eloise Wright, born July 1883, TX 
    (7) James Lilborn Wright, born April 1886, TX 
    (8) Earl Flint Wright, born March 1888 
    (9) Nellie Myrtle Wright, born August, 1890, TX
  (6) Zachary Taylor Wright, born 1845, AL, died 12 Apr 1921, Limestone Co., TX, 
  married 17 Jan 1872, Limestone Co., TX, Merinda Caroline -----, born 26 Sept 
  1850, Lauderdale County, MS, died 11 Dec 1937, Limestone Co., TX. Children 
    (1) Della Wright, born Dec 1876, Limestone Co., TX 
    (2) Lonnie D. Wright (male), born August, 1891, Limestone Co., TX 
    (7) Charlton Wright, born 1848, AL, married Unknown 
      (8) George Clinton Wright, Jr., born 20 Feb 1849, Talladega Co., AL; 
      married 1875, Darthuda GLOVER, daughter of Nathaniel and Jeretta SIMS 
      GLOVER, early settlers of Talladega County, AL. George Clinton Wright 
      became a planter and served as Superintendent of Schools in Oxford. He 
      served in the Civil War Home Guard under Captain Darman. George Clinton 
      and Darthuda GLOVER Wright had ten children, of whom seven survived to 
      adulthood. The three who died during childhood were Charles Glover Wright, 
      Jesse (Jessie?) Wright, and Benjamin Wright. The surviving children were: 
      (1) Margie Wright 
      (2) Welldon Wright 
      (3) Cleopas Wright 
      (4) Julius Howard Wright 
      (5) Pauline Wright 
      (6) Homer Wright 
      (7) French Wright
    (2) Martha J. Wright, born Nov 1828, Laurens Co., SC, died 28 Dec 1908, 
    Kosse, Limestone Co., TX, married 19 June 1845, Benton Co., AL, ceremony by 
    M.G. Phillipp Gee, Eli BORDEN (Burden), (born 6 Sept 1825, Walker Co., AL; 
    d. 16 June 1907, Kosse, Limestone Co., TX), son of Joel and Lucinda Phillips 
    BORDEN. Children of Eli and Martha Wright Borden were: 
      (1) David M. Borden, b. 1846, Benton Co., AL; d. 12 Dec 1898, Robertson 
      Co., TX, married Jennifer N. "Jennie" STEWART, born 1863, Brazos Co., TX, 
      died 1913, Falls Co., TX, daughter of Walter A. and Sallie STEWART (from 
      David Borden was a Deputy Sheriff killed in the line of duty in a train 
      accident while pursuing a fugitive. He is buried in Franklin Cemetary, 
      Franklin, Robertson Co., TX. David was married previously to an unknown 
      spouse, with whom he had a son, M. Luther Borden, b. 1873, Franklin, 
      Robertson Co., TX, married 1 Oct 1899, Robertson Co., TX, Ruth (Hardy?). 
      The children of David and Jennie S. Wright were all born in Franklin, 
      Robertson Co., TX. They were: 
        (1) Walter Eli Borden, b. 27 May 1879, died 10 Apr 1951, > Rosebud, TX, 
        married 9 Dec 1900, Nettie Estelle STEM (STERN?) 
        (2) Josephine Clyde Borden, born 28 Mar 1881, died 2 Jan 1974, Long 
        Beach, CA, married (3) 10 July 1909, William Ernest HARRIS,( born Oct 
        1883, Port Sullivan, Milam Co., TX, died 22 Mar 1952, Dallas, TX), son 
        of John Young and Kate Tuttle HARRIS. William, Josephine and their son, 
        Robert Lee Harris, are buried in Dallas, TX. The children of Josephine 
        Borden and her previous husband > were: 
          (1) Tommy Dixon, born 29 Dec 1908, Marlin, TX, died Sept 1980, married 
          Kitty Lolan 
          (2) Grace Jewel Dixon, born 3 Mar 1906, Houston, TX, married 1932, 
          Dewey Mack STOKES.
        The children of William Ernest and Josephine Borden Harris were: 
          (1) Moses Lee Harris, born 1910, Cameron, TX 
          (2) William Ernest Harris, Jr., born 5 May 1913, Cameron, TX, married 
          Virgie DONNIE 
          (3) Robert Lee Harris, born 7 Jan 1915, Victoria, TX, died Sept 1971, 
          Tyler, TX,;married 1935, Dallas, TX, Mary Elizabeth SMITH, born 5 Sept 
          1918, Howe, TX, died 23 Feb 23 Feb 1996, Rockwall, TX, daughter of 
          David Cleveland and Monta DILLARD SMITH. Robert and Mary Smith Harris 
          have children: 
            (1) David E. Harris, born 28 Jan 1937, Dallas, TX, married 21 Jan 
            1955, Waxahachie, TX, Jacqueline Rae DAVIS, born 12 Mar Mar 1937, 
            Cheyenne, Wyoming, daughter of George and Sybil Mae CHAPPELL DAVIS. 
            David and Jackie have children: 
              (1) Kathy Jean Harris, born 17 Nov 1955, Dallas, TX, married 11 
              Feb 1978, Garland, TX, William Ailey THRAIKILL, Jr., born 24 Jan 
              1954, son of William Bailey and Eleanor Sitton BAILEY THRAIKILL. 
                (1) Emily Dawn Thrailkill, born 6 June 1991, Laguna Hills, CA 
                (2) Abby Lynn >Thrailkill, born 13 Mar 1994, Waco, TX
              (2) David Scott Harris, born 22 Oct 1956, Dallas, TX, married 7 
              Sept 1986, Manhattan Beach, CA, Shelly Dawn MOORE, born 11 Oct 
              1962, Manhattan Beach, CA, daughter of David and Gay HOOPS MOORE.
            (2) Tommy Lee Harris, born 29 Jan 1945 
            (3) Robert Lee Harris, Jr., born 29 June 1953 
            (4) Katherine Harris, born after 1920, Wharton, TX, died about 1988, 
            married Gene Herbert Ralph ROTHENBERGER 
            (5) Geraldine Harris, born after 1920, Houston, Tx, died about 1983
        (3) Clara Borden, born July 1883, died date unknown, Lott, TX 
        (4) William David Borden, born Dec 1885 
        (5) Sarah Jane Borden, born Aug 1886, died 1988, Rosebud, TX, married 
        Oscar BELL 
        (6) Samuel Lee Borden, born May 1888, died 3 Feb 1930, Lott, TX, married 
        Velma Lee JOHNSON 
        (7) John Borden, born July 1890, died 1 Nov 1938, Rosebud, TX
Other possible children of David and Rebecca Andrews Wright are: 
  (3) David A. Wright, born 1825, SC, died 1917, AL, married 20 Feb 1845, > 
  Susanna H. TEAGUE, born 1826, SC, died 1917, AL. Children, all born AL, were: 
    (1) Lybeas Wright, born 1846 
    (2) Eli Martin Wright, born 1847 
    (3) Wesley B. Wright, born 1849 
    (4) David (P.?) Wright, born 1853 
    (5) Margaret R. Wright, born 1855 
    (6) Janullen W. Wright (female), born 1859
  (4) John A. Wright, born 1820, SC, died before 1870, Etowah Co., AL, married 
  20 Dec 1846, Benton Co., AL, Hannah JOHNSTON, born 1825, SC. Children were: 
    (1) Janus Wright (male), born 1848, AL 
    (2) Lewis Wright, born 1850, AL
Research for these lines done by David E. Harris, Rockwall, TX. Any bells out 

From: Pam or Joe Stone  
Subject: Joseph Wright 
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 97 03:14:09 +0000 
From: Pam or Joe Stone  
I am looking for the family of Joseph Wright, who I believe was born about 1740 
in VA. Joseph is believed to have died about 1790 in Laurens Co., SC. 
The known children of Joseph WRIGHT and Mary ----- were: 
(1) Jane Wright, (born 1774, Laurens Co.?; died 18 Dec 1837, Norcross, Gwinnett 
Co., GA); married 13 Feb 1794, Laurens Co., SC, Matthew BOLTON. 
(2) Mary Wright, (born 1777, Laurens Co.?; died after 1860, Calhoun Co., AL); m. 
Terrell ANDREWS, Sr. 
(3) David Wright, (born 1782 (1791?), Laurens Co., SC; died 16 Aug (11 Aug?) 
1867, > Calhoun Co., AL); m. Rebecca ANDREWS. David and Rebecca reportedly had 
six > sons and four daughters. Their proven children were: 
  (1)George M. Wright, born 1810 in Laurens Co., SC, married Nancy MCCLURKIN, 
  1835 in Talladega Co., AL. George died 1890 in Talledega Co., AL. 
  (2) Martha J. Wright, born 1828, Laurens Co., SC, married Eli BURDEN (Borden), 
  1845 in Benton Co., AL. Martha died, 1909 in Limestone Co., TX. 
  Other likely children of David and Rebecca were: 
  John A. Wright, born 1821, SC, married Hannah JOHNSTON, 1846 in Benton Co., 
  AL. John died before 1870 in Etowah Co., AL; 
  Joseph Wright, born 1823, SC, married, first, Margaret JOHNSTON, second, 
  Elizabeth NUNNELEY; 
  David A. Wright, b. 1825, Laurens Co., SC, married Susanna TEAGUE, 1845, 
  Benton Co., AL, died 1904, Calhoun Co., AL; 
  Rev. James C. Wright, born 1830, SC, died 1909, Calhoun Co., AL; 
  Elizabeth Wright, married 1837, James C. HAMILTON in Benton Co., AL; 
  Nancy Wright, married 1836, A.B. Criswell in Talledega Co., AL; 
  Mary Jane Wright, m. 1840, George W. PHILLIPS in Talledega Co., AL. 
  Other known surnames linked to the Wrights of Benton, Talladega and Calhoun 
  Cos., AL, were BURDEN (Borden, Berden) and WHEELER.
(4) James M. (D?) Wright , (born about 1783, Laurens Co., SC; died 9 May 1873, 
Choctaw Co., AL); married (1) Nancy CLARDY, born 1789, Laurens Co., SC; died 
after 1860, Choctaw Co., AL; dau. of James C. CLARDY, Sr. and Sarah HALL. James 
married (2) 1871, Choctaw Co., AL, Susan E. BAIN ;(Susan's daughter, Cora Ellen 
BAIN, married Jesse Caper Wright, youngest son of Jesse Austin Wright and his 
second wife, Susan M. YOUNG [below.]) 
(5) Joseph Wright, ( born 1788, Laurens Co., SC; died 22 Aug 1853, Tuscaloosa 
Co., AL); married 19 Dec 1812, Rebecca ANDERS (who died 10 Dec 1874, Tuscaloosa 
Co., AL.) 
(6,7,8) Unidentified daughters 
James M. Wright is recorded as living in Fayette County, AL, in 1832, when his 
land grant in the Choctaw Indian Cession of 1832 was recorded in the Tuscaloosa 
Land Record Office. Another grant in 1836 was recorded to a Henry Wright, 
possibly the cousin of James. Apparently, at the same time that James M. Wright 
was in Fayette Co., AL, a James D. Wright was recorded in Tuscaloosa County, AL. 
Whether James M. WRIGHT and James D. WRIGHT are the same person or two different 
people cannot at this time be assessed, as siblings of James emmigrated to that 
Alabama county. James Wright filed a pension application as a Veteran of the War 
of 1812. At the time his second son was born, the only child born in TN, James 
had been discharged at Hazel Green, AL. It is believed that his wife, Nancy, 
during the time of her husband's military service, was perhaps staying with a 
John CLARDY whose residence just over the TN line was recorded at that time. The 
relationship between Nancy Clardy Wright and John CLARDY is unclear; he is not 
her brother, nor is he a recorded son of Michael CLARDY. Yet, apparently, James 
and Nancy named their second son after this man. The parents of Nancy CLARDY, 
James CLARDY, Sr., and Sarah Hall CLARDY died, respectively, 1841, and after 
1850, in Laurens County, SC. James CLARDY, Sr., named his daughter, Nancy 
Wright, in his will dated 1830, proved 1846; other children named of James 
CLARDY and wife, Sarah, named in the will along with their mother, were: Jesse 
E. Clardy, James Clardy, Michael Clardy, heirs of deceased William Clardy, and 
other daughter, Suky Tierce. James CLARDY(Senior) was the son of Michael and 
Judith CLARDY of VA; Michael CLARDY lived in Amelia Co., Virginia, and died in 
Halifax Co., Virginia. 
The children of James M. Wright and Nancy Clardy were: 
  (1) Jesse Austin Wright, born 13 Jan 1812, Laurens County, SC 
  (2) John Clardy Wright, born 1816, TN; married Emily (Crockett?) 
  (3) David W. Wright, born 1818, AL; died Choctaw County, AL; married Rebecca 
  GUINN, daughter of Henry GUINN & Mary Ann FITZGERALD (sister of Elizabeth, 
  (4) William H. Wright, born 1820, AL; married, 1842, Mahala Tyler 
  (5) Ellis Michael Wright, born 1825, AL; married Martha Jane FALLEY 
  (6) Silas Anderson Wright, born 1827, AL; married Mary Jane Ray, dau. of 
  Elijah RAY and Nancy Ann MARTIN; died Choctaw County, AL; Mary Jane RAY was 
  the only known sibling of Robert Andrew RAY. 
  (7) Sarah Caroline Wright, born 1829, AL; married Benjamin BURNS 
  (8) Reubin G. Wright, born 1835, AL; married unknown. 
  (9) Mary H. Jane Wright, born about 1824?, AL; married William MARCH 
  The children of Jesse Austin Wright and Elizabeth GUINN (Bible Record) were: 
  (1) James Clardy Wright, born 1833, AL; married unknown 
  (2) Henry S. Wright, born 1835, AL; married Rebecca Jane GUINN, daughter of 
  Wesley GUINN and his second wife, Jane BLYTHE (and granddaughter of Henry 
  GUINN and Mary Ann FITZGERALD.) 
  (3) Susan Wright (though listed this way in the Bible record, her descendants 
  have her name as Maryann Susan Wright; for some reason, almost all my 
  ancestors seem to have been known by their middle names.) Susan was born in 
  1837, Choctaw Co., AL; married Robert Andrew RAY, son of Elijah RAY and Nancy 
  Ann MARTIN. This is my Wright ancestor. 
  (4) Martha Ann Wright, born 1839, AL; married ----- STAFFORD. 
  (5)Thomas Benton Wright, born 1841, AL; married unknown. 
  (6) Melissa Emeline Wright, born 1842, AL; married unknown. 
  (7) Andrew Jackson Wright, born 1844, AL; married Jennie Louise J. ----- 
  (8) Jesse Caper Wright, born 1849, AL; married Cora Ellen BAIB. 
  Jesse A. and Elizabeth G. Wright are believed to have also had two sons not 
  recorded in the Bible record, who were: 
  (9) Thomas Benjamin "Bennie" Wright, born 1854 
  (10) William Asbury "Berry" Wright, born 1856 
  Jesse A. Wright married a second time in 1860 to Susan M. YOUNG. They had the 
  following children, also recorded in the family Bible: 
  (11) Jefferson Davis Wright, born 1861, AL; married unknown 
  (12) Clarissa Ursula Wright, born 1862, AL; married Thomas Jefferson CAMPBELL 
  (13) Nancy Lillian Wright, born 1865, AL; married Albert F. CREEL 
  (14) Sallie Eleanor Wright, born 1869, AL; married unknown 
  (15) Mary Caroline Wright Wright (the double name is correct), born 1871, AL; 
  married unknown 
  (16) Marcella Pembina Wright, born 1879, AL; married ----- FLYNT.
Also listed in this bible record are two names whose relationship I am unsure 
of: Molly Caroline CRUMBLEY, died 1903 (possibly Mary Caroline Wright above?); 
Maude Rivers SUMRALL, died 1919 
In the Choctaw Co., AL, Inventory Book H, pages 1-8 appears the following court 
document: 20 Feb 1909: Susan M. Wright, widow, petitioner, states that Jessie A. 
Wright died 27 March 1887, intestate. She stated they were married in 1860 and 
that she was currently living in Tunnells, Mississippi. She listed the only 
child of Wesley GUINN and his first wife, Lovenia PRICE, and the eldest grandson 
of Henry GUINN and Mary Ann FITZGERALD of Madison Co., AL. Mary Susanna Wright 
was, I believe, the daughter of either Silas A.Wright and Mary Jane RAYor the 
daughter of David W. Wright and Rebecca GUINN. I am still trying to verify her 
parents.) Floyd died, 1940 in Mobile, AL. 
(4) George Smith Ray, born 1868, Choctaw Co., AL;married Mary Susan GUINN, dau. 
of Frank GUINN and Mary Susanna Wright, and sister of Sallie (above.) George S. 
and Mary S. Guinn Ray were my maternal great- grandparents. George Ray died 
1964, Saraland, Mobile Co., AL. Mary S. G. Ray died 1952, Saraland, AL. 
(5) Laura Estelle Ray, born 1872, Choctaw Co., AL; married James Buchanan 
Thompson. Laura died 1958 in Ensley, AL. 
(6) Robert Hosea Ray, born 1877, Clarke Co., MS; married Estelle Hanson. Robert 
died 1898 in Montrose, AL. 
(7) Vaughn Vegaria (Vaqara?) Ray, born 1881, Choctaw Co., AL; married Margaret 
"Maggie" BRYANT. Vaughn died 1904 in Clarke Co., MS. They had one child, Viola 
Several of the Wrights & Rays in these lines had the middle name "Smith", the 
origin of which is unknown. Also, it should be noted that several descendants 
are investigating a possible link between the Wray/Ray, Borden (Burden), 
Wheeler, and Echkols (Echols) lines of Bedford Co., Franklin Co., and Amherst 
Co., VA. Possibly one of these counties is the birthplace of the patriarch, 
Joseph Wright. 
I am looking for the ancestor of Joseph, his wife's maiden name, and descendants 
of all of these Wright families. I must have a lot more cousins out there. 
Pam > 
If you see a connection, please contact: 
Wright Family
I. Samuel Wright, (b. abt. 1790 - noted trapper and hunter of Moore Hill); m. 
Frances CURRY, (b. 22 Mar 1792 d. 16 Apr 1846; (daughter of Stephen CURRY; b. 15 
Jun 1770 Tarrytown NY d. Jan 1872 Courtlandtown NY and Ann VAIL. He went to 
Neversink in 1795 and lived to be 102. I have addit. info. on CURRY family). 
  1. Thomas Wright m. Hannah Parks 
    A. Mary Wright m. ? Brown
  2. Anna Wright m. Henry Denman 
    A. Aguilla Denman B. Arthur Denman
  3. Stephen B. Wright b. abt. 1821 m. Nancy Knight, (b. abt. 1829) 
    A. George Wright b. abt.1849 m. Alizna Leroy (married 18 Nov 1879 Neversink 
    ME Church 
      a. James Wright m. ? 
        i. Anson Wright 
        ii. John Wright 
        iii. Abraham Wright 
        iv. Paul Wright 
        v. Mary Wright 
        vi. Minnie Wright 
        vii. William Wright
      James Wright and 2nd marriage produced one daughter: 
      b. Burgoyne Wright m. ? (four children) 
      c. Samuel Wright m. ? (two children) 
      d. Nathan Wright 
        i. Norma Wright 
        ii. Carrie Wright 
        iii. George Wright 
        iv. Earl Wright 
        v. ? daughter
      e. Susan Wright (married twice, had no children, lived in the west) 
      f. Mary Wright m. ? (lived in the west) 
      g. Sofia Wright (lived in the west) 
      h. Nancy Wright
    B. Samuel Wright b. abt. 1851 
    C. Stephen Wright b. abt. 1854 
    D. Pierre Wright (Perry) b. abt. 1855 
    E. Ella Wright b. abt. 1857 m. ? Halstead F. Monroe 
    F. Wright b. abt. 1860
  4. Daniel Wright m. Lydia Cutler 
    A. James Wright 
    B. Harmenia Wright 
    C. Lydia Wright 
    D. Grace Wright
  5. Ambrose Wright m. Diana Brewer (went to IA and lived to be 94) 
    A. Cyrus Wright 
    B. Alice Wright 
    C. Leone Wright 
    D. Viona Wright 
    E. Edward Wright 
    F. Oscar Wright 
    G. Earl Wright (He became a doctor) 
    H. Fannie Wright m. ? Moore 
      a. Joseph Moore (an engineer in Chicago)
  6. Nancy Wright (died young) 
  7. James Wright m. Morgan Hornbeck
II. Polly Wright m. Philip Schryver 
  1. John Eli Scriber (named changed) m. Mary Esther Purvis 
    A. Blake Scriber m. Harriet Wolcott 
      a. Leroy Scriber
    B. Adelbert Marvin Scriber m. Susan Wilkes Osborn 
    C. Bert Scriber m. Daisy Champlin 
    D. Carolyn Scriber m. Peter Williams
III. ? Wright m. ? Mott 1. John R. Mott 

If you see a connection, please contact Debbie at: 
Looking for family information on WRIGHT's of Ohio. 
James WRIGHT married to Clara Belle WELLES (born ; died at 47 yrs. old) She 
married again after James' death to Albert BOTTS. James & Clara had 9 Children ( 
8 daughters, 1 son ) : 
1. Esther 'Mae or May' WRIGHT (b. May 2,1902 Lancaster,OH;died Columbus,OH) 
Married William Peter VICKROY (b.9-12-1889 Hocking Twp.,Fairfield Co.,OH) 
Children : Had 1 child died as infant; then adopted others. 
  Thelma Louise VICKROY (b. June 6,1923 Doanville, Athens Co.,OH) a.k.a. Thelma 
  Sarentha Schoonover-PERRY
2. Mrs. T. or R. C. REED (born Lancaster,OH) Married to a Mr. REED 
3. Anna Mary WRIGHT (born Lancaster,OH ; died at 40 yrs. old Columbus,OH) She 
was buried in the Elmwood Cemetery,OH. Married to Joseph TURNER .~ Children: 
  (daughter) Mrs. Peter ALLEN of Columbus,OH 
  (3 sons ) Francis TURNER 
  Joseph Jr. TURNER 
  Vernon TURNER
4. Pearl WRIGHT, married to Andrew FRIESNER of Thurston,OH 
5. Ruth WRIGHT 
6. Ruby WRIGHT 
7. Elva WRIGHT, married to Mr. LUTZ of Thurston,OH 
8.A Daughter 
9. John WRIGHT of New Salem,OH 
[These 2 names listed as sisters to Anna Mary TURNER in her Obit. Not sure which 
sister? Could be # 5,6, or 8. Mrs. Glen CONRAD of Pittsburgh ; Mrs. Everett 
DAVIDSON of Rockbridge ] 
Please email me at for questions, comments, suggestions. Debby 

If you see a connection, please contact (MR ROBERT K WRIGHT) 

WRIGHT GENEALOGY FROM "The Wright Family”, by George William Wright, 1929. 
Following are some decendants of Sir John WRIGHT of Kelvedon Hall who migrated 
to Oyster Bay, New York and elsewhere: 
1. Peter WRIGHT and Alice WRIGHT m. in Mass in May 1636. issue: 
2. Peter Wright, (b. 1637, d. Feb 28, 1651) 
2. Job Wright, (b. 1639, d. 1706) 
2. William Wright (b. 1641, d. 1648 in Plymouth) 
2. Mary Wright (b. 1643, m. Samuel ANDREWS of Oyster Bay, 1663, d. 1688) 
2. Hannah WRIGHT, (b. 1646, d. 1675) 
2. Sara WRIGHT, (b. 1648, m. Edmund WRIGHT in Plymouth) 
2. Mordecay WRIGHT, (b. 1649, d. 1650) 
2. Adam WRIGHT,( b. 1651, d. about 1698, probably in Virginia) 
2. Elizabeth WRIGHT,( b. 1653, d. about 1677); m. James TOWNSEND; descendants 
moved to NJ 
2. Gideon WRIGHT (b. Jul 1638, d. Jun 1685) m. Elizabeth TOWNSEND of Oyster Bay, 
NY about 1667. 
3. Elizabeth (b. dec 1668); m. Isaiah HARRISON, at Suckscall Wigwam. 
  4. John b. 1691 
  4. Gideon, b. 1694 
  4. Mary, b. 1696 
  4. Elizabeth, b. 1698
3. Peter, b. 1670, d. 1685-1694 
3. Gideon, (b. 1672, d. 1722); m. Margaret URQUEHART (or Urghartt) of Oyster 
Bay, Sep 5, 1702. 
  4. John, b. 1704, d. 1750, m. Ruth LUDLAM 1725 
    5. Gideon, b. 1726, m. Elizabeth DURLING 
    5. Hezekiah, b. 1728, m. Catherine WRIGHT of Flushing, NY
  4. Zebulon, b. 1707, d. 1746 
  4. Elijah, (b. Apr 4, 1713, d. Nov 1766); m. Ann DURLING (Durland), Oyster 
  Bay, 1742 
  4. Elizabeth, b. 1715, d. May 15, 1782, m. Edmond Weekes of Oyster Bay, 1735 
  5. Letetia, b. Oct 29, 1736, d. 1814. 
    5. Harty, b. Apr 29, 1738, d. Nov 9, 1803 
    5. George, b. Nov 27, 1739, d. Dec 27, 1799 
    5. Hannah, b. Sep 4, 1741, d. Jan 2, 1814 
    5. Edmond, (b. Dec 4, 1743, d. Aug 13, 1813); m. Martha WEEKES 
    5. Daniel, (b. Jun 26, 1746, d. Apr 16, 1826) 
    5. Elizabeth, (b. Aug 17, 1748, d. Mar 3, 1817)
  4. Abigail, b. 1717, m. John FEKE (or Feek) 
  4. Margaret, (or Mary), b. 1720, m. Daniel LUDLAM of Long Island
3. Anthony, b. 1674 3. Silvanus, b. 1676 
3. Hannah, b. 1678, m. James TOWNSEND, brother of Elizabeth. above. 
3. Tabiatha, b. 1683, m. John BROOKE of Rhode Island, Aug 16, 1711 
Hope that this helps anyone out there searching for Wright ancestors. I will 
follow up with later generations in due time. From 

If you see a connection, please contact: (MR ROBERT K 
Here's the final edition of the family tree that started in New England: 
”The Wright Family,” by George William Wright, 1929.
Number 5 here is the same as 5. Gideon WRIGHT, son of John WRIGHT and Ruth 
LUDLAM on Part I 
5. Gideon, (b. 1726), m. Elizabeth DURLING; see note 1. 
  6. Gideon, died as a child 
  6. Sarah 
  6. Hezekiah 
  6. Elizabeth 
  6. Susannah 
  6. Catherine
5. Hezekiah, (b 1728), m. Catherine WRIGHT of Flushing, NY (note 1) 
  6. Gideon m. Rebecca PETIT in Stokes Cty, NC, Apr 29, 1797. Children were born 
  in Madison Cty., KY 
    7. Hezekiah, (b. 1798), m. Delia LEE in 1820, KY . Delia was 1st cousin of 
    Robert E. LEE. 
      8. Hezekiah 
      8. Gideon 
      8. Durling 
      8. David 
      8. Richard 
      8. James, m. Martha ALVERSON 
      8. John 
      8. Silas, b. 1838, m. Mary BIRCH in 1860 ; m2. Brella ARMSTRONG - 1884; 
      m3, Martha WRIGHT, 1892 
      8. Thomas Petit 
      8. Charles, d. at age 5 years 
      8. Elizabeth 
      8. Rebecca m. Henry ALVERSON
    7. Thomas, b. 1800 
    7. Catherine, b. 1802 
    7. Elizabeth, b. 1804 
    7. John, b. 1805 
    7. Durling, b. 1807, d. 1865 
    7. Susannah, b. 1808 
    7. Rebecca, b. 1810 
    7. Gideon, b. 1812 
    7. David, b. 1814 
    7. Mary, b. 1816 
    7. Amos, b. 1818 
    7. Miriam, d. at 12 years. 
    7. Delia, b. 1825
Note 1: Gideon And Hezekiah moved to PA, then to Augusta County, VA, and finally 
to Rowan County, NC. Surry County was created out of Rowan , and Gideon’s land 
became part of Surry County. Gideon was a Captain, and Hezekiah was a Lieutenant 
in the Kings Army. 
At this point, it becomes very difficult to sort out the family tree. The 
following is extracted from the book: 
Gideon WRIGHT , son of Hezekiah, and Grandson of Hezekiah and Delia Lee Wright, 
(b. 1869), m. 1897 to Inez A. TAYLOR. His father, Hezekiah, was born in Randolph 
County, MO in 1843, m. in 1863 to Anna VANTINE, children: James, Gideon, 
Charley, Lucy, Rosie, Susie, and Marvin. 
Gideon and Inez had: Verner, b. 1899; James, b. 1901; Mary, b. 1904; Loran; b. 
1907; Mae, b. 1909; Eunice, b. 1911; Basil, b. 1913; Carl, b. 1915;Estel, b. 
1917; Audrey, b. 1919; Jemel, b. 1922 
Perhaps someone out there can sort out where these last two fit in the family 

From: Mark  
Subject: Hezekiah Wright m. Deliah Lee 
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 97 23:12:17 +0000 
I noticed on the Wright Tidbits page that you have an FGS with these folks. I 
have a copy of a will from Deliah (Delilah)'s father, Richard: 
"Deed of Partition Land of Richard Lee Madison County, Kentucky 1 September 1845 

"This Indenture made and entered into this 1st day of September 1845, by and 
between Ebenezer Titus and Dorothy his wife, late Dorothy Lee, James Stephenson 
and Polly his wife, late Polly Lee, Thomas McGuire and his wife, late Ann Lee, 
Sally West, late Sally Lee, Richard Lee, David Lee, Thomas Lee, Grisham Lee, 
Hezekiah W. Wright and Delila his wife, late Delila Lee..." 
Robt. E. Lee's father was Henry Lee. His father was also Henry Lee. Robt had an 
uncle Richard Bland Lee, but he died in 1827. Do you have a source for Delila's 
relationship to Bobby E? I'd love to see that tie. 
Thanks, Mark Wright 
Always lookin' for Oyster Bay Wrights 

If you see a connection, please contact: 
Job Wright was born about 1757, we think in Southampton County Virginia. He 
married a Sarah NEWTON, we think in VA because she died 27 April 1811 in 
Mecklenburg County,VA according to their son's Bible, which is still in the 
family. Job, sons Newton and John then moved to Rutherford County North Carolina 
with their wives and children after 1813 when Newton came back from War of 1812. 
Shortly before they left, Newton married SARAH FARMER. Job had a sister, Salley, 
who married a "G" and lived in Georgia. We have Job's line all the way to the 
present on Newton and Jack. 
Job and Sarah's four children are as follows: 
A. - NEWTON (our direct line) b. 21 April 1792, possibly in Mecklenburg Co. VA. 
We have Newton's wife's widow's pension application (SARAH FARMER WRIGHT) from 
his service in War of 1812, and it lists their children: 
1. John Henry WRIGHT, (20 Sept. 1820 d? in Missouri); married #1 Sarah Ester 
LACKEY (b. 1818 in NC); children: 
  a.. Catherine WRIGHT married Pink PETTY; 
  b. Sidney WRIGHT married Maggie FORD; married #2 Sallie CLINE; married #3 
  Martha POLLARD; children: 
    c. Mary Wright d.; a boy, ______ Wright;
  married #4: unknown (a widow from Missouri)
2. Richard Wright,( 12 May 1822; d. 31 July 1890); married #1 Nancy ALEXANDER; 
  a. Noah Wright; 
  b. Lawson Alexander Wright; 
  e. Susan Howell Wright; 
  f. Phillip A. Wright; 
  married #2 ______ BLAKELEY; children: 
  g. William Elphus Wright; 
  h. Barbra Wright; 
  married #3 Mary Ann MORRISON; children: 
  i. David C. Wright; 
  j. Frank Wright; 
  k. Minnie Florence Wright STROUP
3. Mary Wright VAUGHN, (b. 03 may 1824; d. 04 July 1901); married Jackson 
VAUGHN, (b 1829; d. 1860's); no children 
4. Drury Wright, ( b. 14 May 1827) 
5. Newton Wright Jr. (b. 01 June 1829); married _____ HAMMER 
6. Sarah Wright, (b. 12 August 1831; d. 26 May 1860) 
7. Rebecca Wright MARTIN, (b. 25 June 1833; d. 2 June 1879); married Thomas 
Wilson MARTIN, (b 03 August 1846; d. 05 May 1925); children: 
  a. Edward Frances MARTIN 
  b. Zora J. Martin AUTON; 
  c. Thomas Isaac Martin
8. James Wright, (b 06 July 1836) 
9. George W. Wright (b.19 July 1838; d. 19 April 1921) buried Friendship 
Cemetary; married Martha N. WILLIS (Sept 1845; d. 26 January 1921); children: 
  a. Frank Wright, 
  b. Alice Wright, 
  c. George T. Wright, d 
  d. Sarah C. Wright, 
  e. F. Louvena Wright, 
  f. Noah A. Wright, 
  g. Lena Wright
10. William Harrison Wright (25 July 1840; d. 30 April 1922) married Effie J. 
LACKEY; children: 
  a. Thomas N. Wright; 
  b. Callie (Wright) ELLIOTT; 
  c. Dovie Ann (Wright) GRIFFIN; 
  d. William Wright; 
  e. Rainie Lyillia (Wright) GLASCOE; 
  f. Minnie (Wright) WILLIAMS; 
  g. Essie (Wright) WILKINS; 
  h. Bessie (Wright) ELLIOTTt 
  ; i. John D. {Dobbie} Wright
11. Berry Wright (25 July 1843; d. 27 June 1862 - twin of Perry, below) 
12. Perry Wright (25 July 1843; d. 1937) married Sarah Ann COSTNER; children: 
  a.. James Andrew Jackson Wright; 
  b. Gamewell Feander Wright; 
  c. Fidelia Wright; d 
  . Susana Wright; 
  e. Ida Roxanna (Wright) WATTS; 
  f. Amanda Wright; 
  g. Carlos Elester Wright 1
3. Francis Wright (b 20 October 1845; d?); married Mary HOWELL; children: 
  a. Julius P. Wright; 
  b., Amzi F. W. Wright; 
  c. Leilla (Wright) SMITH 
  d. Augustus A. Wright; 
  e. Berry A. Wright; 
  f. Enoch A. A. Wright; 
  g. Perry Dock J. Wright; 
  h. David V. Wright; 
  i. Dora (Wright) LAMBERT
B. - GEORGE (born before 1794); he moved to Georgia and had a son named Job; 
C. - JOHN (Jack) (b 5 May 1794 ;d. 11 September 1861); married Peggy BOSWELL on 
14 February 1822; children: 
1.William James Wright married BetsyNEWTON on 15 december 1840; children: 
  a. Nancy, 
  b. William Henry, 
  c. Mary Frances (Wright) Wright 
  d. Alma Wright, 
  e. James Berry Wright, 
  f. Martha Caroline Wright; 
  g. Susan Wright; 
  h. Cynthia Alice Wright; 
  i. John Franklin Sod Wright
2. Lucinda (Wright) MCSWAIN; married George Washington MCSWAIN, 13 may 1841; 
  a. Sarah Elizabeth McSwain HAMRICK CHAMPION; 
  b. Mary Elizabeth McSwain BLANTON; 
  c. John David McSwain; 
  d. Nancy Jane McSwain; 
  e. Margaret Lucinda McSwain MELTON; 
  f. J. Cynthia McSwain GREEN 
  g. George Washington McSwain Jr. 
  h. William Kaiser McSwain
3. Mary Wright 
4. Nancy Wright 
5. George Washington Wright 
6. Job Wright, Jr. (06 may 1827; d. Civil War, Chancellorsville 2-3 May 1863;) 
married Cynthia HENDRICK; children: 
  a.. Amos Wright; 
  b. Mmargaret Wright FELMONT GRIGG
7. William Madison Wright (b 2 August 1829; d. 1883); married #1 - 12 May 1859 
to Susanna BOSTIC (d. 18 October 1863); married #2 Eunice Elizabeth BOSTIC 
(sister of Susanna) 19 April 1866; children: 
  a. Mary Ann Margaret Wright DAVIS; 
  b. Martha Jane Wright 
  c. Sarah Alice Wright 
  d. John Bosel Wright 
  e. Charles Clinton Wright 
  f. J. S. Wright
8. Sally Wright 
9. John B. Wright 1 
10. Drury Dobbins Wright, Sr. (b 01 March 1835; d. 1920 in Rutherford Co.); 
married Nancy WARLICK BAGLES; children: 
  a. William P. Wright 
  b. John R. Wright 
  c. Drury Dobbins Wright, Jr; 
  d. Charlie Swan Wright
11. Margaret Elizabeth Wright 
D. - MARY (Mary married a "JACKSON" and stayed in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia). 
I have published JOB WRIGHT: NINE GENERATIONS in 1996. This 184-page book 
contains all the descendants to the present that I have here so far. I am 
looking to do a Volume II. Any information you could supply would be greatly 
appreciated thanks! Theresa Wright ( 
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If you see a connection on the following sheet, contact: 
1. James Wright (b. 5 Dec 1755 d. 18 Apr 1840) m. 21 May 1778 Charity BECK, (b. 
1761 d. 5 Dec 1829): DOB and DOD from Duplin Co Cemetery Records. Will dtd 24 
Oct 1839 Apr term 1840. Wife Kitty.Sons Isaac, William, John B(deceased) and 
Bryan; grsons John and James, sons of Bryan; Dau Chelly MURPHY and dau Ann 
MCALLISTER, son-in-law John MURPHYand Alexander MCALLISTER. James Wright and 
Charity Beck believed to be parents of Bryant Wright. Charity: Buried beside 
husband, DOB and DOD from Duplin Co Cemetery Records. Date of Marriage from NC 
Marriage Records. . 
  2. Isaac Wright . 
  2. William Wright . 
  2. John B. Wright (b. 15 Jan 1798 d. 13 Jan 1831); date of birth and death 
  from Duplin County Cemetery Records . 
  2. Bryant Wright ( -d. 30 Sep 1845) m. 16 Mar 1812, SARAH THAMES (b. abt 1797 
  d. May 4 1878); DOD from Marriages Death Notices, Raleigh Register. Believed 
  to be son of James Wright and Charity Beck. Listed in father's will as Bryan 
  with sons John and James. SARAH: Mother may have been Sarah MURPHY. Cumberland 
  Co deed bk 51,pg180-181 lists John as father of Ann THAMES CLARK and sister 
  Sarah Wright. Deed names John as brother of Sarah, and they are tenants in 
  common as Heirs in Law of John THAMES, dec'd. Oakdale Cemetary records show 
  Mrs. Sara Wright age 81 buried lot j33 May 4, 1878; daughter Charity buried 
  there as well as grand daughter Sallie Eulalia GILBERT WRIGHT. . . 
    3. CHARITY THAMES WRIGHT (b. 4 Aug 1820 d. 2 Jul 1895) m. 12 May 1840 to 
    DAVID JAMES GILBERT (b. 4 May 1819 d. 7 May 1895). Burial data from Oakdale 
    Cemetary records; age at death 75. DAVID: Burial data from Oakdale cemetary 
    records which give age at death 76. Built home at 9th and Princess, 
    Wilmington, NC with lumber from mother's plantation near Fayetteville, NC. 
    Home later became original Catherine Kennedy retirement home for women. 
    Captain in Confederacy. 
      4. SALLIE EULALIA GILBERT ( b. 20 Aug 1848 d. 23 Sep 1938) m. 7 Nov 1867, 
      her first cousin THOMAS ALLEN WRIGHT (b. 21 JUL 1844 d unknown) 
        5. LYDA EULALIA WRIGHT (b. 23 Mar 1868 d. 13 Nov 1955) 
        5. CLEMENTINE WRIGHT (b. 1 Dec 1869 d. 4 Jan 1943) m. 22 Feb 1888 to 
        CHARLES RILEY DAVIS (b. 18 Aug 1865 d. 18 Apr 1955) 
        5. CHARLES CRAIG DAVIS b. 9 Dec 1888 d. 17 Dec 1959 m. 18 Jun 1914 LEILA 
        BELLE MORRIS b. 14 Jan 1897 . . . . . 
        5. CLARENCE WRIGHT DAVIS b. 6 Jul 1890 d. 16 Jan 1961 m. MARY LOWE 
        GRAFFLIN b. 22 Oct 1892 d. 18 Feb 1985 . . . . . 
        5. LOUIS THAMES DAVIS (b. 3 Jul 1892; d. 6 Sep 1959) m. 20 May 1917 ANNA 
        BESSIE ROBERTS (b. 28 Oct 1894; d. 28 Feb 1981) 
        5. LILLIAN RUTH DAVIS (b. 29 Jun 1894; d. 22 Jul 1985) 
        5. JAMES SHEPARD DAVIS (b. 22 Feb 1896; d. 19 Oct 1896) 
        5. LOTTIE MAE DAVIS (b. 12 Apr 1897; d. 4 Aug 1983) 
        5. ALBERT EARL DAVIS (b. 16 Apr 1899; d. 5 Aug 1900) 
        5. HARRY RILEY DAVIS (b. 11 Feb 1903; d. 20 Sep 1988) 
        5. THELMA ELIZABETH DAVIS (b. 4 Jan 1905; d. 1977) 
        5. GRACE ODELL DAVIS (b. 16 Apr 1907; d. 29 Feb 1908) 
        5. MILDRED CLEMENTINE DAVIS (b. 25 Nov 1913; d. 21 Dec 1987)
      4. DAVID J. WRIGHT
    3. SUSAN V. GILBERT (b. 1850 d. 1916) 
    3. MARY ALICE GILBERT (b. 15 Apr 1857 d. ? Jul 1931) 
    3. THOMAS ALLEN WRIGHT (b. 21 Jul 1844) m. 7 Nov 1867 SALLIE EULALIA 
    GILBERT, his first cousin (b. 20 Aug 1848; d. 23 Sep 1938) 
      * (See children above)
  2. Chelly Wright 
  2. Ann Wright Have a good day! 
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If you see a connection, please contact Jan Hinshaw : 
Wright, Bertha A......................1882-??... married J. Garfield Hinshaw 
Wright, Carson........................1914-??... son of Amy Hazel Hinshaw and 
Raymond Isaac Wright 
Wright, Cornelius.......................??-??... in-law to Amy Hazel Hinshaw 
Wright, Donald Carson.................1914-??... son of Amy Hazel Hinshaw and 
Raymond Isaac Wright 
Wright, E. J............................??-??... married W. A. Henshaw 
Wright, Harold Bell.....................??-??... child of Amy Hazel Hinshaw and 
Raymond Isaac Wright 
Wright, Harriet Blue....................??-??... in-law to Iris Albert Arline 
Wright, Jasper Tiffen...................??-??... in-law to Lena Nettie Hinshaw 
Wright, John............................??-??... in-law to Asael Gregg Hinshaw 
Wright, Leo Lesley....................1903-??... married Lena Nettie Hinshaw 
Wright, Leslie........................1894-??... married Elva Eleanor Hinshaw 
Wright, Malcolm.........................??-??... child of Amy Hazel Hinshaw and 
Raymond Isaac Wright 
Wright, Mary Ellen......................??-??... married Zimri Hinshaw 
Wright, Mary Jane.....................1842-1911. married Asael Gregg Hinshaw 
Wright, Raymond Isaac.................1891-1959. married Amy Hazel Hinshaw 
Wright, Sarah Jane....................1821-??... married Timothy Hinshaw 
Wright, Teresa..........................??-??... married John Hinshaw 
Wright, Thelma Louise...................??-??... child of Amy Hazel Hinshaw and 
Raymond Isaac Wright 
Wright, Vernon..........................??-??... married Bertha Elita Hinshaw 
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Descendants of Allen Wright, Rev. 
1 Allen WRIGHT, Rev. 
  2 Joseph B. WRIGHT, Rev. (b: 1 Feb 1839 d: 14 Jul 1896) m. 16 Sep.1858 to 
  Margaret Frances JENKINS (b: 5 Jun 1838 d: Sep 1859); Father: Aaron Jenkins, 
  Sher.; Mother: Mary Jane Fristoe 
    3 Edward Jones WRIGHT, Rev (b: 20 Jun 1859);m. Mary PAYNE 
      4 Myrtle WRIGHT m. George E. BROWN 
        5 Robert BROWN 
        5 Mary Lou BROWN
      4 Joseph WRIGHT 
      4 Harold WRIGHT m. Gertrude COFFMAN d: Jun 1965 
      4 Paul WRIGHT 
      4 Lynn M. WRIGHT (b: 16 Aug 1898; d: 21 Sep 1957); m. Edith PERRY ( b: 26 
      Jun 1898 m: 4 Apr 1920) [note: Children omitted on chance they are still 
      living - jwj]
  *2nd Wife of Joseph B. Wright, Rev.: m: 23 Jul 1861 to Mary Elizabeth JENKINS 
  (b: 25 Jan 1842); Father: Aaron Jenkins, Sher.; Mother: Mary Jane Fristoe 
    3 Joe WRIGHT, Jr. m. Ruth MCDANIEL 
      4 Agnes WRIGHT 
      4 Lois WRIGHT 
      4 Gladys WRIGHT 
      4 Unis WRIGHT 
      4 Iris WRIGHT 
      4 Francis WRIGHT 
      4 Allen WRIGHT
    3 Creath WRIGHT 
    3 Maude WRIGHT m. JONES 
      4 Frances JONES 
      4 Ruby JONES 
      4 Louise JONES 
      4 Ruth JONES 
      4 Lloyd JONES 
      4 Harry JONES
    3 Tom WRIGHT 
    3 Fannie WRIGHT (b: 7 Oct 1870; d: 25 Aug 1954); m: 25 Dec 1894 to Frank B. 
    ELMORE (b: 25 Jul 1868 KY; d: 8 Nov 1930) 
      4 Eugene Frederick ELMORE (b: 1 Nov 1895); m. 30 Aug 1930 to Atha TAYLOR 
      (b: 25 Sep 1908); [note: Children omitted on chance they are still living 
      - jwj] 
      4 Katherine ELMORE (b: 1 Nov 1895); m. 7 Sep 1923 to Richard Rumpan MARTIN 
      (b: 3 Mar 1896) [note: Children omitted on chance they are still living - 
      4 Sallie Elizabeth ELMORE (b: 14 Apr 1905); m. 5 Dec 1931 to John C. 
      RENSHAW (d: 20 Apr 1956) [note: Children omitted on chance they are still 
      living - jwj] 
      4 Frank Allen ELMORE (b: 22 Oct 1906; d: 12 Jan 1965) [note: Children 
      omitted on chance they are still living - jwj]
    *3rd Wife of Joseph B. Wright, Rev.: m. Aft 1870 to Kate BERRY
  *2nd Wife of Allen Wright, Rev.: m. Lydia Virginia FRISTOE( b: 1827; d: 24 May 
  1857); Father: Amos Fristoe Mother: Susan Waller Withers 
  2 Allen WRIGHT, Jr. m. Lovigia "Vig" CLARK; Father: Charles G. Clark; Mother: 
  Caroline Handley 
  2 Ellen WRIGHT
The document from which the MO Wrights came is entitled 'Amos Fristoe of 
Stafford Co, Virginia and Pettis County, Missouri and his ancestors and 
descendants with Allied Families' compiled and published in 1968 by Carrie 
Jenkins Alexander, Route 2, Malta Bend, MO, 65339. 
If you see a connection, please contact: Jim Fristoe 
I am not researching the WRIGHT name (at least not never know who may 
eventually turn up in your family :-)), but while researching my various 
families who migrated to Montgomery Co., IL from other areas, I came across a 
series of articles with a wealth of information for not only me but probably 
many others. I pass this info on as often as possible when I see queries for 
some of these surnames on the lists. The WRIGHT information is from: 
Walter R. Sanders, "Settlers in Montgomery County, Illinois Before 1840", NGSQ , 
Vols. XXXIX-XL (Spring, 1951-Fall, 1952), p. 13. LDS #0001288 This is a long 
alphabetical list of names, many with birthdates, and the areas they were in 
BEFORE coming to Montgomery Co., IL. Any with an * means they were found AFTER 
Montgomery Co. in another county (possibly adjoining). 
Charles WRIGHT (b. 1791 NC) 
Henry WRIGHT (b. 1793; d. Aug 14, 1843) 
Nathaniel WRIGHT (b. 1808, MA) 
Joseph WRIGHT (b. Apr 20, 1783 SC; to Warren Co., KY) 
W. W. WRIGHT (b. Concord, MA) 
Margaret WRIGHT 

Joel WRIGHT (b. Oct 10, 1792, Hanover, NH; moved to Boston) 
Mr. and Mrs. Sanders were apparently both professional genealogists, residing in 
Litchfield, Montgomery Co., IL, and he was head of the Social Science Department 
at Litchfield High School (at least at the time of printing of these articles). 
They did extensive research on Montgomery Co. (probably where many of their 
ancestors settled) and I have run across several publications written by him 
which have been most helpful. I do not know if either are still living. 
Hope this may help someone find a missing WRIGHT. 
If you see a connection, please get in touch with Sandra Taylor Ardmore, OK ******************* Researching: ALLEN, ARME, BALLARD, 

1. William H(arrison?) WRIGHT - (b.Jan. 21, 1821, New York; d.Nov. 14, 1873) m. 
Mar. 7, 1847 - Paulina A. TINKER - (b.June 24,1828, Ohio; d.May 10,1881) 
  2. 2 unknown 
  2. John - (b.Dec.25,1847;d.?) 
  2. NE Wilson - no info 
  2. Emma - no info 
  2. Aurelia -( b.Dec. 18, 1859; d. ? ) 
  2. NE Francis Augustus - (b.Dec. 10, 1861, Hamburg, IA.) 
  2. Charles F. - (b.Oct. 19, 1863;d. 1925) 
  2. Geroge W. - (b.Oct.1865; d. 1935) 
  2. Chester Stanley - (b.Dec. 21,1867; d. 1898) 
  2. Rollin M. - (b.June 22, 1871) 
  2. Champion - (b.June 22, 1874; d. 1947 ) 
  *2. Dan Harrison - (b.July 3, 1857, Hamburg, Iowa; d.1926, Humboldt, NE) m. 
  Sept. 30,1883 - Mary Elizabeth JONES- (b.Aug. 25,1867, Sonora, Missouri; 
  d.1916,NE ). She was the daughter of John JONES, born in Virginia, and 
  Elinbeth (?) Carrnon (?). (The handwriting on the death certificate is 
  difficult to read.) 
    3. Son - died at birth 
    3. Wilma Paulina MARSHALL - (b.Sept. 18, 1885; d.St. Edward, NE) 
    3.Son - died @ 10 mos. 
    3.Guy W. -( b.Jan. 12, 1890; d. Humboldt, Ne.) 
    3.Merwin E. - b.Jan. 4, 1907; d. David City, NE 
    *3. John William - (b.Apr. 26, 1899, Joplin, MO.;d.Jul. 23, 1973 Lincoln, 
    NE) m.Dec. 25, 1924 - Grace Amanda LEGG - (b.Jan. 22, 1904 Humboldt, NE; 
    d.June 3, 1979, Lincoln, NE ) 
      4. John William, Jr. 
      4. Lewis Harrison 
      *4.Florence Parthena DAWSON
*My direct line of descent. 
Wm. and Paulina's son Wilson drowned in the Nishnabotna River in IA at age 9.
    Dan's wife Mary supposedly came from TX and had a sister Nancy. While 
    residing in MO, Dan was employed as a miner. Before settling in Humboldt, 
    NE., Dan and Mary homesteaded in S. Dak.
    I just learned this weekend from an older relative that my Wm. (KRONK) 
    WRIGHT may have been an indentured person. He apparently ran away from his 
    owner and changed the name to WRIGHT to prevent detection.
Maybe these little bits will help someone recognize this as their family also.
If you see a connection, please get in touch with Liz Henning : 

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