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Our Mission

WRIGHT SERVICES was established in 1994 to meet the bookkeeping and tax preparation needs of Canadian Truck Owner/Operators, Self-Employed Drivers and Company/Agency drivers. To provide a quality service that is available to any Trucker in Canada at a cost that is fair to both. To make the service as accessible to every one as possible.

In 1996 WRIGHT SERVICES expanded it's services to include the Public, with the same ideals and fairness when dealing with truckers.



Company Profile

WRIGHT SERVICES is a Canadian owned company, that deals only with Canadian Truckers and the Canadian public.

WRIGHT SERVICES is Owned and Operated by David Wright. Who believes in telling his clients the truth, when it comes to their bookkeeping or tax situation.

No matter which service you are interested in, there are no limits on the number of receipts or T slips you can have. The price you see is what you pay plus taxes when applicable.

AS a Tax Preparer and Bookkeeper David Wright does not believe that his  responsibility to his clients, ends at the end of the tax season. All clients who have income tax or bookkeeping question or other concerns can Email or write to arrange for an appointment either in person or by phone to have their questions or concerns answered.

Return of Completed Returns

Our clients from across Canada who use our service already will find no change in our returning method for completed tax returns or completed financial records and documents at fiscal year end for their company. To our new clients our method of returning to you, your completed tax return and completed financial records and documents at fiscal year end is Xpresspost 2-3 day delivery.


 WRIGHT SERVICES accepts payment in the following manner:

  1. Certified Cheques
  2. Money Orders
  3. Personal Cheques
  4. Postdated Cheques
  5. Cash

All payments for services are due upon completion of work required.

All our clients should know that a personal Cheque that is returned NSF will be charged a $30.00 service charge plus the amount on the cheque plus any and all postage charges.

Interest of 2% per month on outstanding balance due will be charged.

  1. Cash, only when client picks up returns in person. Do not send cash by mail.

All cheques and money orders are to be made out to WRIGHT SERVICES.

Company Guarantee

WRIGHT SERVICES will do everything that is legally allowed to be claimed  on your tax return and in your Records of Accounts. We will use the information that you the customer supply to complete your tax return and records of account. Should you feel that WRIGHT SERVICES did not do everything possible for you as a client to minimize taxes payable, return all forms that where completed by WRIGHT SERVICES and you owe nothing.

Anyone wanting their tax returns or bookkeeping completed by other than legal means, to show no tax payable or minimum tax payable should take their business elsewhere. You should have no trouble finding hundreds of others who will gladly take your money and give you the desired results.

WRIGHT SERVICES does not want or need your business. All bookkeeping and tax returns prepared by WRIGHT SERVICES are within the CRA guidelines and Income Tax Act at time of preparation.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like more information please Email for a free no obligation phone or in person consultation.

In your Email please state:

  1. Your Name.
  2. Phone number: (where you can be reached with a time that is convenient for you).
  3. Short note of what you would like to discuss.

You will be contacted by David Wright as soon as possible by phone.


Monday to Friday 6pm to 9pm and Saturday, Sunday 1pm to 10pm



Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm


(416) 553-4699

Postal address

70 Carisbrooke Crt., Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6S 3K1

Electronic mail

General Information: wrighttax@yahoo.ca


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