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ATM, this is my very boring page. :-)   But it helps me keep my links up.

Xhtml Class Homework:

Week 1 Homework: Basic xhtml Tags
Week 2 Homework: Paragraphs, Spacing, Heading Text and Emphasis Tags
Week 3 Homework: BLOCKQUOTE, Pre & HR's

Our Ministries:
Our Ministry Blogsite, Contact & Information

Our Companies:

The Media Leader
Websites/Logos/Advertising : Design, Development & Maintenance
DVD & Video : Design, Development, Shooting, Editing & Implementation

Water Care Technologies Inc.
Custom Water Treatment : Formulation, Manufacturing, Sales & Service of Water-Based Heating and Cooling Systems
Some Equipment we treat :  Boilers, Cooling Towers, Chillers & Air Washers
We also produce a waterbased industrial degreaser and coil cleaner.

Nicole's Birthday Pages:

Her page from me
Her page from the girls :)

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