Johnathan Ajaks
Nickname: John
Position: Bard
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red/Straight
Height: Tall
Body Type: Athletic
Personality: John is outrageous. Every rule that can be broken, will be broken. His favorite past times are eating golden mouth berries (berries that cry out for help when you eat them) in front of his brother (who can't stand the sight) and walking barefoot everywhere. He enjoys spending time outdoors, so is much tanner and muscular (though no body builder) than Jeremy.
Costume: John always wears a brown and green scarf wherever he goes. His Bard uniform consists of a tan tunic and trousers (rolled up) with a dark brown jacket over top. He wears a black leather belt around his middle that has a pouch for his pan pipes, miniature harp, and song book.
Jeremy Ajaks
Nickname: Jer
Position: Wizard Apprentice
Hair: Red/Straight
Height: Tall
Body Type: Lanky
Personality: Jeremy is the voice of reason in the group. Don't get him wrong, Jer likes his adventure as much as the next person. He takes it upon himself, however to make sure his friends aren't getting into serious trouble (mainly John).
Costume: Jeremy's wheres a tan tunic with a matching pair of trousers. Over top of this he wears a scarelt red robe with a hood that goes down to the floor and has holes on each side for his arms. Around his middle he wears a black leather belt with a holster for his wand and spell book. He also carries a large walking stick that will one day turn into his magic staff. For now, though, he only works with his wand.
Paul Sigurd
Position: Guardian
Hair: Brown/Curly
Height: Average
Body Type: Athletic
Personality: Paul is John's quiet companion. You might refer to it as "the strong, silent type." He spends his time hanging around with John, reading, or swordfighting.
Costume: Paul shiny silver chainmail over his torso. From the legs down he wears white trousers. Around his middle he wears a red belt that carries his sword. On top of all of this he wears a black robe with a red stone as the button in the center.