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***AVAILABLE*** for Adoption:


~ 8 years old, Black Horsecoat, Spayed Female Shar-Pei

Annie's story is a SAD one that hopefully will have a HAPPY ending. Seven years ago, her breeder moved
out of state, abandoning Annie along with 12 other Shar-Pei. Relatives contacted Animal Control who intervened
and took the dogs to the local shelter where they were rescued by us along with another Rescue. Happily, at that
time, Annie got adopted by a wonderful out of state family where she lived with them for seven fantastic years.
But then circumstances changed and her mommy and daddy for the past seven years had to move to assisted
living and could not take Annie with them :( She was very a confused girl when she came back here as she
wasn't here for very long back seven years ago. She wouldn't eat for us for over two weeks and lost a
LOT of weight. Then after she did finally start eating, she refused to let us even get near her or get a hold
of her. :( She was still very frightened and unsure of her new surroundings. Then after over two months,
we finally had a breakthrough and we were able to pet her and take hold of her collar. Now she is fine
with us and ready to again try to find a new FOREVER home where she will be LOVED for the rest of her
retirement years. She is a little timid with strangers, but does adjust in time, it just takes time and lots of
one on one LOVE and patience. She has gotten along with other dogs here and in her previous home but
she has not been around cats or other small pets. I would also probably recommend that she go to an adult
only home at this time although she was fine with her previous owner's grandchildren. She is starting to
gain back the weight she initially lost when she came back here. She is active and very playful now.
She is up to date on her vaccinations and wormed. Annie would LOVE to have someone to provide a LOVING
place for her to live out the rest of her senior years. If you think you can be that special family that can give
Annie the LOVE she so deserves, please email us for more information:
WRINKLED RESCUE email: wrinkledrsc@ohiohills.com

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