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Scotch Eggs
Tuesday 7th September

Don't know if any of you have seen the Office sitcom....but the Xmas special was repeated on BBC 2 last night and by far the funniest thing I have seen on TV for a while involved a fat bloke called Keith, a scotch egg and a discussion about pleasing a woman....Classic Television!

Racing Froggy Woggies
Monday 6th September

Came across this website today which allows you to choose a Frog, give him characteristics, train him, feed him, give him presents and then race him like a horse against other Frogs. It's just like betting in asia apart from the lack of grasshoppers and having to be in asia to do it!

So check it out you crazy people....and get a frog up and running like crazy! My Frog is called squiggle and he is a mean mofo.. "bring it on, ribbit!"

Hell Boy
Monday 6th September

Went to see Hell boy last night in the good ol' cinema, where I can still pretend to be a student and get cheap tickets.....having a youthful complexion can have its advantages. As I had never seen the comic book character in illustrative form it proved to be a leap into an unknown world as I sat and watched this devil man start into action.
I enjoyed the darkness of the film and they (the filmakers) have not made it completely animated and the bad guys are amusingly evil enough to make it good fun! Sadly, not enough footage of Selima Blair in the show and as she is a hotty in my book....this is a terrible shame among shames!

There are bound to be sequels as nothing was actually solved as it tends to be quite difficult to kill immortal bad guys!

Ohh and Ireland had a good victory in the international on Saturday walking away with a comfortable win despite it being against lowly Cyprus......Andy Reid stepped up with a nicely taken goal.

Goddammn Bills
Friday 3rd September

Then the next day I completely unpacked and rang all the places like the Gas people and the Electric people and the TV licence people. You know what it all cost a fortune....the bastards have not got free-phone numbers and they put you on hold for ages, I spent about 10 quid on my mobile to them! But its all sorted now and everything is transferred!

I'm so happy cause I have now left my Gym Fitness First and have now taken the money that used to finance such stuff and put it towards getting sky digital, isn't that great!...Now I will be an avid watcher of sports and a non-player of sports. But I had to give the gym a typed letter with valid reason for me leaving their agreement!

Moved House
Thursday 2nd September

Anyway, the night before last (Tuesday) I moved house/flat from number 8 in the development I was in to number 1. So, thankfully all i had to do was move all my things down some steps and through a door! Took us 45 mins to move everything over....surely the fastest house move ever! Then i just had to re-arrange everything so it fitted in the new place! By the way, in case you didn't know I have moved from a 3 bedroom flat to a new 2 bedroom flat with my mate Colin.

The new flat is great, it has wonderful sofas, a dishwasher, we both have double beds (good for the rumpy pumpy girls...wink...wink), I have an en-suite while Colin got larger Closet Space. Which would you rather? A bigger Closet or your own Bathroom inches from your bed.....Though he also gets his own bathroom cause I won't use the main toilet.....but he will have guests peeing in there and stuff! It's not that i am against guests peeing in my toilet, in fact I am all for guests peeing in the toilet rather than in the sink or the laundry basket...its just....i don't have to worry about that any wee! The living room is huge and we have a huge space in one corner which is crying out to be filled but we don't know what to fill it with......was thinking a bookshelf and all the books....and videos and things.....and then someone said try a plant....but plants are boring and I'm not my mother! Time will tell what will go in the space but until then it is just space!

Wednesday 1st September

Just set up an on-line Blog on Its called wrinkleblog and you can visit it by clicking here.

I will be adding a lot of news there which will overlap with here but there may be a few differences.

Hot or Not Update
Friday 20th August

My Hot or Not rating is 4.2 which means I am hotter than 35%. I blame the picture I have shows my unshaven side!

Driving again
Thursday 19th August

Just had my first lesson in ages and I did some manouveres. I have a chinese driving instructor....he ain't too bad and at least he isn't wasting my time....we have been working hard to get those small areas working well. Booked my Theory Test for the middle of September....scary biccies

Big Brother is over
Sometime in August

Big Brother came to an end with the scarey man woman Nadia winning the title of Big Brother/sister 2004. I am a bit dissapointed that Shell didn't win in the end. Watched the final moments in the pub drinking pints of fosters.....which is well nice when it comes in jugs of 3.

I'm in Chains...
Thursday 30th July

Big Brother is getting better as they have chained some of the contestants together for a stretch of time. Michelle is getting very frisky because Stuart is sharing a bed with Shell (quality chick) and she has had to spend a lot of time with Jason (Vain pain).

Farenheit 9/11
Wednesday 29th July

Went to see the Michael Moore documentary last night and it is a real eye opener. Imagine Bush hadn't even been democratically elected by his people as there were millions of votes not counted in the state of Florida (his brothers state).....He spent 42% of his time on Vacation. All in all its a farce but we ain't lauging cause he's a dangerous clown!

Tuesday 28th July

Thank you Ian and Tim for signing my guestbook. These are the crazy English guys i drank with in Amsterdam....they saw a hairy poledancer......or in fact they paid 15 euros to see a hairy sexshow! LEGENDS!

Hot or Not
Monday 27th July

Simple question....AM I HOT or NOT? Vote now

Sunday 26th July

Watched the Hurling!

Hair of the Dog
Saturday 25th July

Woken up by a phone ringing.....

Phone: Ring ring!
Me: What (after picking it up)
Phone: Are you still in bed? (colin)
Me: Yes and its enjoyable.
Phone: Get out of bed you lazy f**Ker and meet me for a have five mins!
Me: Harumph.....OK

Instead of going for a coffee we had a nice cool pint of Cider....yum yum

Stoney Broke
Friday 24th July

I have not got a bean at the moment due to the crazy holiday travels I spent a fortune in Euros....though it was still a very cheap holiday!....I thought I left a few pound aside but the scarey direct debit people got it....they stole all my beans, Buggers!

No Air-Conditioning
Thursday 23rd July

Our office has no air-conditioning and its bloody roasting inside. Hey sort it out! It's great to get good weather but I don't wish to die of no air in the result!

Wednesday 22nd July

Bloody bastarding things ate me alive in Amsterdam and I am just about recovering. I look like I have been subject to serious abuse!....Thank God we don't have them at home!

Back to work
Tuesday 21st July


Monday 19th July

Guess why my plane was delayed for 4 hours?

A Baggage carrier ran into a plane....isn't that feckin unbelievable....I can understand the other way around but that guy must have been blind as a bat.....PLONKER!

Friday 16th July

Met a few more English Guys from London and went for a cafe that had a Van Nistelroy lookalike working there.

We continued on to a Coffee Shop (wink...wink) where we got so stoned we stopped talking and so we needed food. But could we find the pizza place we wanted? No.....

Finished the night at Boom Chicago where I pretended to be Sideshow Bob.

Heineken Exeperience
Thursday 15th July

Go see the Heineken experience in Amsterdam, for 10 euro you get 3 beers, a glass and if you are me you get to cop off with some really cute Swedish girls.

Crazy English guys
Wednesday 14th July

Met some crazy English guys in a bar and ended up smoking a spliff in a park while chatting to a strange guy from Surinam....ohh and we cycled his bike around a bit too.

Monday 12th July

Flew off to Amsterdam early this morning. Straight to the bar when I got settled in the hostel!

Milk and Cookies
Friday 9th July

A great website full of links to mad and good things. My mate was telling about it last night as we had a long discussion about old games like New Zealand Story and R-Type that you could get for the Spectrum and Commodore 64.

Did you know?
Thursday 8th July

When Johann Vaaler patented his paper clip in 1901, therealready were similar designs on the books. William Middlebrook of Waterbury, Connecticut patented his design in 1899. Cornelius Brosnan of Springfield, Massachusetts patented his Konaclip in 1900.

So, who was first? Well, it is thought to be Johann Vaaler. Drawings of his design date to early 1899, but since Norway had no patent law at the time, he had to seek patent rights in Germany and the US in the following years.

For more amzing facts visit: Did you know

Angry Alien
Wednesday 7th July

Check out the Angry Alien website by clicking on this link: here.

Tuesday 6th July

I sent Colin some doodles and he stuck them up on his a little trooper! Check out the cow story!

Booked my Holiday
Monday 5th July

Booked my holiday to Amsterdamn and should be heading off there real soon.....Can't wait to go! Going next Monday!

Greece Win?!?!?
Sunday 4th July

Stavros and Co have gone on and won the Euro 2004 by beating Portugal in their own country. A boring match and dissapoiningly the defensive team won.

Down Up
Saturday 3rd July

Down were cruelly beaten by a boring Tyrone side today in the Marshes in Newry. Looks like its once again back to the drawing board.

Friday 2nd July

No not the calcium filled white coloured drink.....but the Club that I got a little bit smashed in over the space of a few hours. Stupidly walked home on my own!

Colin's New Website
Thursday 1st July

Another month another website called Colony Ink......its full of crazy titbits and other gubbins as the great man may say!

Henman Out
Wednesday 30th June

Horray, yet again Henman crashes out of wimbledon when the English crowds least expect it. Every year we see him win a few games againt average opposition only to blow it against some no-name. So, all of Englands heroes have fallen to the wayside, football, tennis even rugby has gone to the dogs.

Big Cat in Monaghan
Tuesday 29th June

A Huge jungle cat has been stalking the countryside of Monaghan and has taken a few casulties....So beware, this kitty doesn't only like the kitty kat!

Gerard Stays
Monday 28th June

Stephen Gerard stays for another while at Liverpool.....lets hope for a few more years to come.

Milan Baros Scores again
Sunday 27th June

Good old Milan Baros scores another goal against the Denmark team (my sweepstake) and sends them crashing out of the Euro 2004. Pitty he can't score like that for Liverpool......or maybe he will!

Saturday 26th June

Reading Glue by Irvine Welsh and its bloody brilliant. Go out and buy it quick! I love the accents that he writes in although there is a lot of sickening black humour!

Lilo and Stitch
Friday 25th June

Fell asleep like a monkey out of a tree watching this and Big fish on video the other night. A bit confusing but its all about an alien, the bloke out of the Matrix and Hawaii!

BBC Talk foolish
Thursday 24th June

Today I was picked up by a taxi outside work and wooshed to the BBC entertainment and learning offices above wetherspoons to talk to a lady about a fact it was me taling about my pets for a pilot show on the BBC.

It was quite funny talking in a monologue type thing for a while! They had trouble trying to get me to stop!

Jason Byrne
Wednesday 23rd June

Went down to the BBC to be part of the Audience in a show called Jason Byrne Hates. It was very funny as he is pretty madcap in the same vein as Eddie Izzard. Mary Rose got called up to participate in one of the games and was mortified but carried herself very well. So we are all likely to be on Tv in September time.

Tuesday 22nd June

We nearly got the shock of our life when we got back from a walk on the beach to find a whole group of cows standing round our tents looking very was funny after we made sure they hadn't destroyed anything. I could just imagine waking up the next day to find a cow standing over me breathing big cow breaths!

Summer Solstice in Donegal
Monday 21st June

Up in Donegal for a few days back in the wild Camping. Just set up the tents on a few Sand Dunes and have been cooking by the BBQ for the Summer Solstice....Its great!

Ronnie Regan
Tuesday 8th June

Didn't even know that Ronnie Regan died and only found out when I got back to work today. It's like I was in a news bubble down on Achill where we didn't bother with the TV or nothing for a few days or so. I'm not that worried either, it did me a world of good.

Ireland Beat Holland
Monday 7th June

Away for a few days and you miss all the excitement of Robbie Keane scoring a wonder goal against the Dutch away from home and winning the game for Ireland. It's the first time the Dutch have been beaten in their AJAX stadium I think.

Long Drive
Sunday 6th June

I don't know how these drivers do these bloody long drives of like 6 hours or so....I get tired even watching them! Hopefully i'll be able to do that soon when I get my licence and all!

Achill Island
Saturday 5th June

I'm away down to Achill Island today for a weekend of sun, surf and drinking down in lovely Mayo. We have a few holiday houses for the weekend and I just can't wait.

Friday 4th June

Jaysus head is busted after a few too many pints last night in the Errigal....great fun Though.

MP3 Player Heaven
Thursday 3rd June

The Birthday today....just gone 26 and had a great wee day with loads of people remembering whom I didn't expect to remember. Got a brilliant wee Phillips MP3 player and its changed my life. Its a great wee thing...and I love it like I would a pet.

After Work Friday Drinks
Friday 28th May

There's nothing better than sitting back in a wee pub after a long week at work and relaxing with a pint and a bit of a laugh. We always end up in the Basin Bar in the Odyssey in Belfast which is quiet wee bar.

Bubble Wrap
Thursday 27th May

You can't get good Bubble Wrap these days! I used to be addicted to the old Bubble Wrap popping but it just ain't possible now a days

Wednesday 26th May

What a fantastic film....but where is Sean Connery's accent from? One minute he's o'irish next minute he's scottish.

Hells Kitchen
Tuesday 25th May

Its a load of poo poo!

Whites Tavern
Monday 24th May

A great wee bar in Belfast. Myself and a friend dropped in for a wee pint and were regaled with stories from the first moment. Its the oldest bar in the city and one of the most comforting.

Bye Bye Goggle eyes
Monday 24th May

Old Goggle eyes Houllier has left my beloved Liverpool be and has went on his merry way! Hooray!...Hopefully we can get someone with a bit o' wit!

The Championship
Sunday 23rd May

Come on Monaghan beat those Armagh wannabees!

Of course we got completely hammered! Buggers!

FA Cup Final
Saturday 22nd May

Manchester United beat Millwall (3-0) in what should have been a tougher encounter for the scumbags.....Ronaldo or kangaroo as I like call him played brilliant and didn't fall over once.

Friday 21st May

Was out with a few of my mates last night in the Errigal and saw this amazing blues guitarist.....I have never really listened to a lot of blues before but this has definately stimulated me to listen to more. I hear that Tom Waits is great.

Thursday 20th May

I've added a wee link for a guestbook below so if you want to add your comments then you can. Thanks to the guys that have signed it already!

Heskey Gone
Wednesday 19th May

Best news in like forever...Bruno has left and maybe Houllier might follow's hoping!

Tuesday 18th May

Felt like my whole life was going to end today....worst hangover in a long time. In fact I haven't drank so much on a work night for ages...think I'm going to lay low for a day or two....Went to the gym as well and sweated buckets.....all the alcohol just poured out of me!

Greens Pizza
Monday 17th May

We went out for a meal for my friend Siobhan's birthday in Greens Pizza and ate a mountain of food. The pizzas in Greens are just rediculous in size....they surely couldn't make it for the price they charge. Then we got well and truely wrecked with the drinking.

Sunny Day
Sunday 16th May

It was lovely being at home eating dinner outside in the sunshine...heaven!

Saturday 15th May

Hungover after going for a few drinks with some lads from work. I fell asleep in the Fly like a fader and they took a video of me nodding asleep.....was a mess. Click here to view it.

No Driving lesson
Friday 14th May

Aren't I the smart cookie moving my driving lessons from Fridays to Mondays hence going for a wee dwink after work.

Wrong day
Thursday 13th May

Woke up this morning and I could have sworn it was a Friday.

Eternal Sunshine
Wednesday 12th May

That new Jim Carrey Film was brilliant....really thought provoking and crazy....loved the idea of travellin through our past and our memories....Quality stuff!

Tuesday 11th May

What is it about Flies and summertime? Our office is built on reclaimed land no wonder theres loads of bloody flies swanning about!
I would love to get the biggest fly swat in the world and just kill them all with one swing.

Thai Millionaire
Monday 10th May

Liverpool are being took over by the Prime Minister of Thailand...hopefully this means we will have some success. I think the only way we are going to get better is with a new manager.

Peter Andre
Sunday 9th May

Is he annoying or what? Insania?

Saturday 8th May

Sat and watched Deliverence tonight.....classic! Could watch it again and again and the soundtrack 'Duelling Banjos' is just amazing.

Poetry Slammin'
Friday 7th May

Had the first Poetry Slam in the Duke of York and was absolutely blown away by the standard of poetry and the suitability of venue. Met a brilliant Performance poet from Scotland called Jenny Lindsay....very inspirational.

George Foreman Grill
Thursday 6th May

They are brilliant!...Want to buy one as soon as I can. You can grill anything on it from Steaks to Toasties.

Philly Fogg
Wednesday 5th May

Got quite alot of work to do tonite and will be up late I think. My brother has headed off to China and an around the world trip.Wish you lots of luck bro if you are watching.

Back to Work
Tuesday 4th May

Its hard to be motivated after a long weekend. Before I forget, went to see an exhibition in the Lagan Lookout yesterday called was great...check it out.

Bank Holiday
Monday 3rd May

Relaxed to today and was able to watch the marathon runners without any pangs of guilt. I read a lot today and enjoyed every minute of it.

Won again
Sunday 2nd May

Liverpool won another match in a god i think there is something wrong....I think we will actually get into the champions league and Gerard Houllier will keep his job! Watched Sleepy Hollow and loved it....Johnny Depp is great.

Filled Soda
Saturday 1st May

Started off this morning with a filled soda in Maggie Mays and felt very happy. Just browsed the papers and then walked around in the sun. Belfast is so much different in the sun...people relaxed, wearing shorts. New countries joined the EU so it is a historic day!

Pay Day
Friday 30th April

Its great when you get paid in real money.

Special Mentions
Thursday 29th April

Two of my friends in work would like a special mention......Hello (Waves) to Giggles and Don Don' that will be a fiver!

Go For it
Wednesday 28th April

Spent most of the day at a Go For It road show here in Belfast. It was a long bloody day.....wrecked!

The Queen
Tuesday 27th April

I just heard that I share a birthday weekend with the Queen of England....I'm not best pleased!

Tuesday 27th April

Isn't shortbread just great.....Its great for tea dunking and just eating on its own....I love shortbread!

The Graduate
Monday 26th April

I bought a video of the Graduate last week for the same price as it would have costed to rent the same from Xtravision. In fact Xtravision probably wouldn't have had it in stock! Isn't that a real rip off! It's a great film which i had never seen before, Dustin Hoffman is fantastic in it!....Definately would advise any of you to go see it when you can!

New Poems
Sunday 25th April

I added a few of my older poems on the Poem of the month Section today. Just click on the more button and it will allow you to view the poems from March and February.
Other than that I watched the Arsenal match in which they dominated and have more or less won the league today. Watched a film called insomnia last night....not bad....but I think I have seen Pacino acting that role a thousand times. The Jaded shady cop who lies to save his position but ends up being caught in the end.

Murphy's Law
Saturday 24th April

Just to cap off a strange season for Liverpool didn't they defy the odds again by beating Manchester United at Old trafford in a dull game where only a penalty separated the sides. Danny Murphy who always seems to score in these games got the winner and put Liverpools penalty hoodoo to bed! But what's going to happen next week? Liverpool will lose against some crappy team!

The Bot
Friday 23rd April

Hadn't been in the Botanic Inn in ages but low and behold at about 1am last night I opened my eyes to find myself amongst the place. I was out with my flatmates and I felt every bit a 25 year old there.. I just can't cope with having to hold my drink close to my chest whilst trying to avoid shoulders and elbows. They pack people in there like cows and calves at a meat market.....didn't notice it so much before. Give me a nice wee pub any day of the week where you can have a chat in peace.

Sunny Day
Thursday 22nd April

Sure it was such a lovely day today I didn't wear the hobbit coat to work today. I have also decided that I am not going to go to my class and instead take an easy day at home watching Newcastle in the football. Come on Newcastle!...Have a driving lesson tomorrow...first in ages so wish me luck!

Poetry Meetup
Wednesday 21st April

A crowd of us met up last night to discuss the possibility of a fundraiser for the North Street Arcade. We will be attending a meeting on Saturday 2pm at City Hall where there should be more information. Hopefully we can help the shop owners of what used to be a lovely art area. Fingers Crossed.

Tuesday 20th April

Went to the Fitness First gym tonite and broke sweat for a while. I have started doing some weights on my biceps and its really working. I am actually enjoying the work out! Have to keep it up! Ohh and Chelsea lost and I was hoping they would do well!

Sunday 18th April

Some really bad news occurred on early hours of Saturday, Arcadia Coffee House and the rest of the North Street Arcade was burnt down in a mysterious fire. Fire crews worked around the clock to control the blaze but the Arcade has been gutted. They are talking about demolision.

Belfastpoets a group I have been heavily involved with evolved from the arcadia evenings and we are deeply saddened by the events. We wish to create an event in which donations could be generated for Mark, Debbie and Anita our dear friends who have lost their livelihoods due to such a terrible fire. Contact me by email if you wish to be involved.

Saturday 17th April

Well into my surfing these days! Went to Portstewart, White Rocks beach for a few hours of Surfing this morning. It was great craic....I haven't got to stand on my board yet but I am gradually getting there. with time I will be a surfing Superstar!

Poetic Splendor #2
Friday 16th April

Me and a Friend of mine Colin have created a Poetry Workshop/ Showcase called Poetic Splendor. It has been going well so far and it is based in the Morton Community Centre, Lisburn Rd. If you would like further information contact me by email.

Tuesday 13th April

Went to see the passion of the christ last was gruesome....! The Devil was the weirdest thing in it.....what was the baldy hairy chested baby all about? Anyway, it made me think and wonder why I wasn't religious anymore..... So it's a good thing! Go See will make you think!

Monday 12th April

Wrinkledrug has been relaunched (again) with a new look and hopefully this time I will be able to keep it up to date in the manner you expect.



If you wish to discuss anything I drivel in this section send me an email and I will happily answer.

Aww...Look at the lovley baby !

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