My Very Sad Page
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The Joy of Living
This is a page where I write and show very sad things that happened to me
or that I know about.
I like to write.
In connection with this page, I will write very sad things: abuse, domestic violence, crime, and in general about the cruelty of the world.
Email me if you want me to post something here
if you want me to write something for you
or with a link you think fits.
My friends are those who talk to me. Who tell me what they feel. Who share their experiences with me, for better or for worse.
My friends are those who listen to me. Without judging. Without telling me right away how stupid I am and how they would have done so much better. Who listen with compassion and understanding, but do not pity me.
My friends are each and every one of you, who has landed on this page and read up to here.
Thank God for my friends. I wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for you.