Gifts and more!!
For many years we've had a goal of our own place. With working low income jobs it's been difficult to fund to raise funds for our ideal place we're now working on and offline.. The things on this page are not expensive, but little things add up and we greatly appreciate all support. What is our goal? A small farm dedicated to self sufficiency, preserving rare breeds of livestock, a place to host clinics to teach others what we know and a home hostel to welcome visitors to a home rather than a hotel. A section to allow RV guests to stay overnight and a community supported agriculture opportunity where people KNOW where their food is grown. A place to retrain herding and working dogs to take them from homeless to permanent homes and a retirement home for retired K9s. Thank you for any support towards this goal.

GIFT RECIPES - make your own gifts with dozens of recipes for a personal gift item. ONLY $4

PUP ART - personalized works from our "artists" - Fly, Abby, Scout (border collies) or Tucker, Honey or Blue (rescues) $10 each ~ Purchase six and get a free 5X7 of the 'artist' ~ or if you prefer cats we can do that too!! We have kitties do to artwork too!

Country Ramblings NEWSLETTER- articles and stories from the country about a variety of topics, recipes and tips - online delivered via email - $12 for a year.

SELECTED ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHS including uncut background of this page - 8X10 $20

Payment via e-check/paypal transfer accepted (sorry no credit cards)
THE DREAM - see what we're working towards!
Obviously 'the dream' will have to be done in stages. First stage is just a solid place to live...which we have in place. Your support greatly appreciated.
We now have 2008 calendars available for purchase! For country scenes or border collies and other dogs please click the respective link to order.
These are all original photos taken of ordinary dogs that have been extraordinary and  a touch of country for anywhere. ALL PROCEEDS go towards 'the dream'. 
One of the "pup art" artists - Honey (right) rescued from the street when she was abandoned along with her siblings and mother.  After threats to shoot them she joined others and after some training to overcome fear issues she's a part of the family as is Tucker, rescued from a shelter in KY. Being able to help dogs like these as well as a retirement home for K9 dogs is high on the list of goals for the place we're trying to set up.