Write Now
Large companies know the value of promotion. Every day we are bombarded with messages of what we should eat, wear, medicate ourselves with, drink and go on vacation. Behind each transaction is often advertising to tell you why you need a product.

What about your farm? Your stallion? Your products? Who speaks for them? Let us help with a promotional package, combining services from the office page with a goal to make you money. The cost of a webpage is not thousands of dollars as some might have you believe. You can be online, with your product represented. Your purebred livestock, your farm products, your horse deserves a chance to get a piece of the market. If you don't mind deleting ads the site is FREE - you just pay for the time setting it up. If you want a no-advertising with your own name in the website it will still be reasonable - the time is the same, you can find hosting information which is very reasonable. For less than the cost of a full page ad in most journals you can be online with your own site name for a year!!
Advertising doesn't have to be boring!! How many times have you skipped over ads to read articles? Advertorials are a way to do both - educate people with an article but at the same time tell them how your farm, product or livestock can fill their needs. Write Now can write copy for advertorials, can include bits of information on your website and can do profile pieces for fliers or brochures. Browse for ideas then email us to see how we can make the most of your promotional efforts!!
REMEMBER - to run the race you have to leave the gate, use your talent, maximize advantage and keep ahead of the competition!
We are available to help with fliers, brochures and other things that you might need help writing. There is another project also - at long last and after many requests that I write a book about experiences farming and with dogs and horses this is in progress. Contact us for an advance copy of this book. It will be self published to keep the costs down and increase the control over content. Proceeds from the book will support aquiring the farm and animals for the conservation efforts of rare livestock breeds. In addition and for some previews click on the Associated Content content producer link here to read articles online.