Jade Stone - Author
I am a single, disabled Mother to a wonderful teenage daughter. I was in a car accident back in June of 1995, and had thought my world was over. With damage to the frontinal lobe and suffering chronic pain, I had no idea where to go or what to do. My Mother came to my aide and she helps me with my memory and strength.

My brother , well he and I work on the war of the wits. Unfortunately I think he is funnier...hahaha.

   It was my daughter who told me I use to tell some of the greatest bedtime stories, and that I should write them down and get them Published for others to share. So diving in I submitted my story to every Publisher I could find. I got sum nice rejection letters, "We loved your story...BUT...it's not what we are looking for at this time".
  Then I cam across PublishAmerica.com and I thought, why not...what's one more, and to my surprise and joy they liked it and wanted to PUBLISH IT. Finally "Whispering Willow Woods" will come alive in stores and online as of May 28th, 2005. My dream has come true...with more books to follow.

Cost: $14.95

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