Suspense + Romance + One Bad-Ass Heroine Who Kicks Butt and Takes Initials =
Great Stories by Darla Lukenbaugh!

Welcome to my web page. Come in, grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down a spell. My name is Darla Lukenbaugh, and I write Romantic Suspense with an edge.

Have you ever wondered, what makes an author put words, emotions, actions down on paper for the world to read? Well, I can't tell you why other writers write, but I can tell you why I do it. All my life, I've had an over-active imagination and instead of driving myself (and everybody close to me!) crazy with the 'But, what if …', and decided to make it work for me. One of my favorite things to do is brainstorm.

With three of my closest friends, Wendy Warren, Susan Lute and Ginger Kentzell, we brainstorm every chance we get. It doesn't matter if we're walking on the beach or shopping at the mall, 'What if…' always gets our imagination into high gear.

Many of my books have come from just such a brainstorming session.  HUNTER'S REVENGE is my seventh completed novel.  What if your sister was murdered? What if it was your twin sister? What if … you were both kidnapped and she was murdered while you lay helpless?

After the Token Killer grabs both Hunter Kelly and her twin sister, Hunter is the only survivor. The kidnapping left her with a new ability, she connects to crime victims and sees the crime before they happen. As the anniversary of her sister's murder looms, the killer comes back for her.

Hunter wants vengeance. Homicide cop Robert Walker wants justice for her sister's murder.

Before her sister's murder, Walker would have been Hunter's perfect match, now he's her greatest obstacle. She's caught between the vigilante justice she craves and the normal life Walker promises. While she's trying to exact revenge on a serial killer, will Walker save her… or die trying?

Hunter's relationship with Walker, her struggle with her abilities and her quest for justice span two more books in HUNTER'S RAGE and HUNTER'S REDEMPTION.

HUNTER'S RAGE - BOOK TWO IN THE HUNTER SERIES: Has the Token Killer returned from the dead? Did Hunter's quest for vengeance kill an innocent man? Hunter's relationship with Walker hits a rocky spot when he wants to move forward … and she's not ready.

HUNTER'S REDEMPTION - BOOK THREE IN THE HUNTER SERIES: The Token Killer's apprentise has escaped and it's up to Hunter to track him down again, with the help of a bounty hunter and her favorite cop, Walker. Her relationship with Walker seems to be settling down, until he meets with her father. What could they possible have in common, except for her? When Walker starting hinting about marriage, it will be up to Hunter to decide whether she can commit to the only man for her … or lose him forever.