Frozen   crystals   beat a    cacophony
        Against the window pane;
Shattering     the silence   of night    with
        Wind  and     frozen rain.
Uncanny      in its    delicate    power    and
        Beauty  in its     alabaster    sheen,
Snow    quilts    the earth      and sleeves
        The   branches    of        evergreen.

Next,     dawn approaches,     night  fades
        Albescent,     Life    quickens  weary;
Awakening to      an earth    hibernated      and
        Made   February   dreary.
Yet,    audacious Spring       attends   the    dial
        And   buds   the   tree     branches;
While    outside  my window,    a bird,   in   defiance
        Of     winter  prances.

He   beats  his wings   in   a    cadence  to match
        My    Heart    and    Spirit -  Sings his   Song
With   proud    resonance    just loud   enough    for
        Me    to    Hear    it.

                              by:     Caryn  Lynn   Arnold
Shakespearean Winter

QUIET!      'gainst   mine    skin   brushed        Air's breath,
                Hastening    to   chill.
Inciting    Wind's   Mighty    Passion     to'ard     yet
                Another    Winter    STILL.
Welkin    'bove   adds     its  rejoinder    -     Rehearsals
                Behind    a    Furtive   haze.
Orchestrating   the   CRADLESONG  of   God's  HARMONY,
                Thus    begins  this    Annual's   laze.

ANON1111    Earth   shall slumber   whilst snow, wind, ice and
                Rain,    ARTISTS   of the      Hour,
Compile   their elements,     UNLEASH  their  Gentle  FURY
                And   Create  by    DIVINE POWER
A    pantomime of BEAUTY,  A  MUTE  Song of  MUFFLED
                SILENCE,      Semblance of  divergent         AGE.
The   PERFORMANCE  shall  beacon,  INTOXICATED by its
                PLACID  VITALITY.   Mine own     heart
                                                         LEAPS upon the  STAGE

Mine own     SPIRIT  Merges with the   VORTEX   of
                KALEIDOSCOPIC  White Snow  - Gossamer FAIR.
Ah!!!!   ATTEMPT  to    Match,     ATTEMPT   to Share
                My   JOY  . . . . . Only    if   you     DARE!

                                                Caryn Lynn Arnold
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  Thou    art    unto me    like      the
   Dawn      of      Orbís     morn;
  Which      persuadeth     the     visage
   Of Glories      Petals     reborn.

  Mine    soul      respondeth    to   the
   Inspiring     of     thy     Muse
  That    opes    loveís      bloom    which
   Sleeve,        as  adornment,    doth   use.

  Successfully     thou     hast     encaptured
   Elusive    PASSION - - - Intent    is   done.

    Mine     HEART   inclines  toward    THINE
       Like    a     flower
         toíard   SUN.

       Caryn Lynn Arnold
A Hand in Death

Responsibility and duty form a barricade from behind

which I live, confined. My heart bleeds

through the prisonís walls; red and seeping

it drips.

My hands grope, reaching out to clutch at what

is not mine - freedom, unconditional love, safety.

Sensing the desperation of my spirit

they claw.

My mouth opens to speak of my anguish and

I feel the vibration of vocal cords; but by the

silence I presume the words have been

in my mind, unspoken.

From within the depths of a terrible blackness

The hand of death reaches out to grasp

mine. With a shaky reluctant obedience I

fumble in response.

On the cliff, at which I stand, it is the only hand I see.

Repulsive itís bony protrusion! Its helpful

escape from life is the greatest

offer, the only reply.

There are no other hands

That hear my cry.

I weep.

Caryn Arnold 8/02

Fearing not    their        undraped branches,    shades  of  brown and gray
              Divested    of    green.
They    embrace    the    global  spin            changing     seasons;
                         Pivoting to  stipulate  night and day.

Hospitable   to    those   few and     once        scarlet   hued     leaves
   Tenaciously clinging  to life.
A   home   for   those    that   seek       protection,   to   build   and   nest,
                          From      Arctic      windís   heaves

Undaunted,    their   woody   fibers,      knots and   gnarls   they  bare
                          Honored,      they receive        themselves;
And   with   all    creation    their   noble   skeletons          they    share.

Unguarded    self-accepting    and courageous    if   only  I     could be,
                           Without   pretension  live;
As   bold,      as   Magnificent  ---- Humble as this naked   Winter  Tree.
                                                                  Caryn Lynn Arnold
Double Breasted Suit
                                     and Shiny Shoes

He liked the ladies and loved to flirt.
      Twas just a tiny little quirk!
Oh!  It never cost him his dignity.
Made no difference to him or me.
Cos He wore ties of Subtle Hues, Double
Breasted suits and shiny shoes!

                                   by: Caryn Arnold
                                       If youíre gonna flirt.....dress nice!